4 Ways to Stay Safe on a First Date

Learn how To Attrach Strong and Successful MenIt’s an unfortunate state of affairs when a girl can’t go on a first date with a guy and not have to be paranoid about her safety. Naturally, the vast majority of first dates happen without a problem, and the guy is probably more nervous about whether he should kiss you good night or let it be. Still, in order to avoid being another dating statistic, there are a few basic precautions you must take before you go out for the big night.

Tell people where you are going.

It sounds obvious, but you need to tell people the exact place where you are going and when you expect to be back by. Any deviation from this needs to be communicated to your friends by text or a quick call. On a similar note, make sure your phone is fully charged and check that there is a signal at the place you are going to. If you are not going to be back by a specific time, then make sure you tell your friend or get some public transport back late at night, let someone know where you are and what you are doing.

Order your drinks

Twenty years ago, this would be unheard of, but with a shocking rise in the number of date-rape drugs available on the market, you can never be too careful. If you have to get up from the table to go to the bathroom, make sure your drink is near to being empty, and if he asks if you would like another drink, reply with “maybe later” or something similar. If he goes ahead and orders the drink while you are not there, come up with an excuse not to drink it or ask the waitress to clear it if he leaves to go to the bathroom. Unfortunately, you have to take the super paranoid approach with your drinks, but you can never be too careful on your first few dates. While on the subject of drinks, go easy on the alcohol and be aware of how much you’ve had to drink, as your judgment can become severely impaired after too many alcoholic drinks.

Go to a public place.

Yes, moonlight walks along the beach are romantic, as are picnics in secluded places but leave it for when you know each other better rather than a first date. The location of the first date needs to be a public place where you can get help quickly if he starts to act weird or becomes insistent that you should go somewhere you don’t want to.

Plan how to get home in advance

You don’t want to be in a position where you have to rely on your date to get you where you want to go. Plan in advance for a friend to pick you up at a specific time or book a taxi in advance with a company you’ve used before. Friends and taxis can always be canceled, but figuring out how to get out of an undesirable situation when it will take an hour to be picked up can be very awkward and possibly dangerous.
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