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The luck calculator uses a complex set of calculations based on your birth date, Venus, and our Moon’s current positions. The amazing daily Luck Calculator tool could be created with old, before unknown data and calculations. The result is in % and is the estimated amount of positive energies built up around you. It is in % as we all have a different minimum and maximum amount of energy flow possible in us. The results are never the less same when based on %. Look below to see what the results of the daily luck calculator mean today.


0-15% – Ok, stay home and hide in your bed… Today is most likely going to be a bad day!

16-30% – Some small hope and a strim of light, but you do best in not taking any kind of risks today.

31-45% – It’s just one of those days when you wished you did stay home and never went out of bed.

46-60% – You are being able to enjoy the sweetness of your life today. But it’s most likely bitter/sweet.

61-75% – It is good being you today: Forcast of lucky winds blowing your way. Enjoy the day.

76-90% – You are just being very lucky today: time to get lottery tickets of any sort.

91-100% – This is a day to really enjoy! You are glowing, and you have a perfect day ahead of you!

How your luck percentage can be calculated from Venus’ position?

The Planet Venus rules over more than one aspect of your life. Of course, Venus is known as the planet of love and romance. Looking into Venus’ position answers questions such as: Am I going to meet a new lover soon? Is my relationship set up to last? Venus’s influence combines the financial and health side with the romantic. As a result, it gives a great indication of your luck at the moment.

How your luck percentage can be calculated from the Moon’s position?

The influence of the Moon on people’s behavior has been called the lunar effect. There’s no better explanation than a scientific one for that phenomenon:
There have been severe studies, and the following data shows that the Moon influences our behavior without a doubt!
– 11,613 cases of aggravated assault in a 5-year period: assaults occurred more often around the full Moon.
– 34,318 crimes in a 1-year period: crimes occurred more frequently during the full Moon.
– 18,495 records from patients admitted to a psychiatric hospital in an 11-year period: admissions for psychosis were highest during the new Moon and lowest during the full Moon.
– 25,568 psychiatric emergency room visits in a 13-year period: visits increased near the first quarter moon and a decrease around the new Moon and full Moon.
– 841 cases of “self-poisonings” in a 4-year period: self-poisonings did occur more often on the day of the full Moon.
– 1,621 patients over a 3-year period were bitten by either a cat, rat, horse or dog: the incidence of animal bites was significantly higher around the full Moon.

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4 thoughts on “Luck Calculator”

  1. Hope me my friends and I hit big major jackpot…thanks again so much

  2. The calculator is soooo unbelievable. It caculates luck! Cool-o! Hey Sharon, how much % is your luck? Mine’s 83%.

  3. Feeling unlucky is truely a bad experience. I fall at 43% and this doesn’t seem good at all but I wish I can just talk to someone (genuine spell caster) who can add sugar to my cup and warm me up with luck. I feel positive in my relationship but I need somthing more, luck.


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