Good luck Charms

Do you sometimes feel down on luck? Are you in dire need of a boost on luck?

This article contains the answer to your question.

Good luck charms are often misunderstood as unreal or purely evil. Most people even believe that good luck charms are meaningless objects. Whether it is pointless or not, the fact that you believe in something when you feel low on luck makes a lot of difference. Even Tennessee Williams said, “luck is believing you’re lucky,” so why don’t you abandon your doubts and check out the good luck charms listed in this article? Don’t forget to check your daily luck with my luck calculator!

There are several good luck charms available in the world. You need to explore them and maybe stick to one when you find a favorite. But before then, explore!

LADYBUG: In many cultures, ladybugs are known to bring good luck. The Europeans claim that the ladybug’s name originated from an ancient incident. It was said that the Virgin Mary sent the ladybug to the ancient European farmers in answer to their prayers for help with the aphids they were eating their crops. The ladybug appeared and ate up the aphid, and the farmers named it ‘our lady’s beetle.’ With its cute appearance, the ladybug symbolizes luck in many departments, be it love or finance. Its bright red color and black dot bring joy and prosperity while killing a ladybug brings bad luck.

FOUR LEAF CLOVER: This charm object originates from Ireland. It is the most common good luck symbol in the western world. It stands not only for luck but also for faith, hope, and love. Some legends even believe it brings protection against evil, while some claim it stands for fame, good health, wealth, and faithful love.

HORSESHOE: this lucky charm, though popular, have no confirmed origin. Some legends claim it originated from a blacksmith who encountered the devil and hurt him by nailing it to the devil’s foot and made the devil swear an oath that he would never hurt anyone who has a horseshoe. Another legend claimed that the superstition of the horseshoe’s ability wade off evil fairies because it is metal is what made it a lucky charm. Regardless of the origin, it is a known fact that horseshoes bring protection and luck.

FENG SHUI: This is a goldfish; it is one of the numerous lucky animals known to bring luck and prosperity.

DREAMCATCHER: This originates from Native America. It is an instrument with the shape and design of a web stretched over a loop and decorated with beads and feathers. They are to capture any bad dreams and their possible effect so the dreamer can be happy and safe. The endpoint of this is a balanced and luckier life.

EVIL EYE TO WARD OF BAD LUCK: The evil eye’s good luck charm is often used to counter the effect of curses that may be gotten from the evil looks given by people.

All the above good luck charms can be bought as jewelry to be worn or crafts to keep in the house. The earlier you start, the luckier your life gets, so why don’t you start right away?

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