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The best Spell caster of 2021 – the result is in!

A big thanks to everyone who emailed me with their personal experience with other spell casters and took their time to make a difference. I mean it, as the best way to find genuine help is from input from clients of spell casters.

I received about 800 emails, and it took three of my assistants and me about two days to go through them. Then one more day to sort out and determine the winner. 

When I write “winner,” I mean the spell caster that had the most favorable testimonials/reviews made by clients.

This year it wasn’t easy to declare just one winner, but as that is what I intended to do, we double-checked all our work before we got to a conclusion.

Presenting the best spell caster of 2021

Drumroll…….Voodoo Wicca Mystic !!!

Conclusion: The coven of Aishali got the most positive feedback from the emails we got! All of their spells work, and they have excellent customers support. Results reportedly came as fast as two weeks! Fantastic!

So, big congratulations to them and all their clients!

HP Doris

spell casters spell casting

Voting for best spell caster 2021 has started!

Another year has passed, and it is, once again, time to vote for the best spell caster. Please send me an email to with your recommendations, suggestions, and feedback of any caster you think should be nominated this year!

Will the last year’s top 3 keep their positions, or will there be a new top 3 of ambitious and skillful spellcasters?

Please send me an email before Dec 31st. I will draw one lucky winner from all who emailed me. The prize will be a powerful luck spell cast by the spellcaster voted best in 2021. (approx. Worth 100 USD).


Blessed be,
High-priestess Doris

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Super Spells Cast during a Blue Moon

The week of the Blue Moon will be particularly special to take advantage of the energy of this moon to ask for protection, love, abundance, and well-being in every way. It is a strong Moon, an “extra” Moon that brings us this year that, without a doubt, has been very complex for all of us.

During this Blue Moon, physical energy is quickly renewed, although the moment can also be accompanied by greater agitation and, sometimes, insomnia, so some cultures recommend having guidance in the form of a shaman, spell caster, spiritual master, to help to manage these energies.

This full Blue Moon is also considered favorable for meditation, spell casting, and different rituals.

As always, experts shamans and spiritual masters recommend that the Blue Moon rituals are carried out by a professional who will be the most competent to deal with all the power that this moon bestows.

What is a blue moon?

Contrary to what one might think after its name, the term blue moon has no relation to the color of the satellite, that is, the Moon, which is the only natural satellite that the Earth has.

The term Blue Moon refers to the succession of two full moons within the same calendar month, or four full moons in the same season, something that happens approximately every three years. As mentioned in the specialized astronomical magazines, there may be two full moons in the same month because the full moon cycle is approximately every 29.5 days, so if the full moon occurs on the first day or the second of that month, there is a probability that a second full moon will appear in the last days, what we would call a blue moon.

But the name of the phenomenon is not related to the actual color of the natural satellite. The moon does not look blue, as a matter of fact, it still looks its usual shade. However, NASA explains that “very rarely” can occur “blue-tinted moons”, due to the presence of certain particles caused by natural disasters. “In 1883, an Indonesian volcano called Krakatoa had an eruption so large that scientists compared it to a 100-megaton nuclear bomb. Much ash from the Krakatoa explosion rose into the atmosphere.” The ash particles were about 1 micron in size, so they could scatter red light and act as a blue filter. Consequently, in the years after the Krakatoa explosion, the moon turned blue. Likewise, the BBC detailed that there were also reports of blue moons in Mexico in 1983, after the El Chichón volcano eruption, and in Washington state in 1980, after the Mount Santa Helena eruption.

How was “blue moon” coined?

But going back to the actual term, the question that arises after having established that “Blue Moon” doesn’t come from its color is about the origin of such definition. As a matter of fact, there are several theories about that name.

Some historians claim that the term Blue Moon first appeared in writing in the 16th century, according to folklore expert Phillip Hiscock, a professor at Memorial University in Newfoundland, who has traced the meaning of the phrase through the centuries. He noted that “Cardinal Wolsey writes about his intellectual enemies who ‘would make you believe the moon is blue.'”

Understanding that calling the moon blue was declaring an absurdity. “The phrase was kind of a metaphor for absurdity or impossibility,” Hiscock said. From that moment on, the term took a turn towards 19th century London, as part of the street slang that amounted to “a long time.”

The next literary reference is in 1869, when, in an autobiographical account of a shipwreck survivor, a man wrote about “that indefinite period known as the ‘blue moon'”. Seven years later, the phrase appeared again, this time without explanation. When talking about diet, a character in an 1871 book admits to eating “a fruit cake once every blue moon.”

On the other hand, the reference to the astronomical phenomenon emerged later in the 1940s, when Sky & Telescope magazine published an article in 1946 entitled “Once every Blue Moon”. The author, James Hugh Pruett (1886-1955) miscalculated according to a 1937 almanac and said: “The second (Full Moon) in a month, as I interpret it, is called the Blue Moon.” It was a mistake, but the nickname stayed forever in popular culture.

Blue moon and spell casting

Lastly, it is valid to acknowledge that this astronomical event has been linked to different astrological, esoteric, and folklore theories, which bestow said event with special and metaphysic powers. That is why during such an event, it is recommended to perform their rituals to honor and take advantage of such a powerful happening.

This blue full moon is related to the culmination and consummation, it is considered a good influence to consummate projects, in other words, make things happen.

Last but not least, this should be a moment of introspection, of meditating well on what we want, and of asking for it with the greatest concentration and strength possible.

Upcoming dates for the next blue moons:
August 21, 2021
– March 2023
– May 2026
– December 2028
– September 2031

High-Priestess Doris

full moon spell casting wicca

Supermoon Spells Cast on May 26th 2021

‘Supermoon’ and a total lunar eclipse are the perfect energetic combination to achieve your utmost deepest wishes.

A supermoon would pass through Earth’s dim central umbral shadow on Wednesday, May 26, 2021, causing a total lunar eclipse for the first time in over two years. The astronomical event will last only 15 minutes, but on an astrological level, the powerful energy of the supermoon combined with the eclipse will stay with us for the whole week!

What does this mean for you? It gives the spell caster the chance to use the energies to achieve those wishes that don’t seem to come through in life… Yes, those wishes seem impossible.

How? In technical terms, the tides will be significantly affected, allowing specific energies to flow in a way that doesn’t usually flow. This, paired with a skillful practitioner, creates the perfect ground for supermoon spells to work on their full potential. In other words,  spells will have the capacity to grant one true magnificent wish, being that love, money, luck related (remember, the sky is the limit here).

Now, a spell will be specially designed and customised for your situation/wish, so the more concrete the wish is, the best this spell will work. It will deliver results in a fast manner, and most importantly, your wish will last forever.

Take the unique opportunity now, as the next chance will be in 2022.

A unique opportunity to achieve your deepest desires has come with the supermoon!

After more than two years, an astronomical event is finally happening: an eclipse and supermoon – Wednesday, May 26, 2021- This event has a substantial impact on an astrological and Wiccan level, fuelling our powers and turning a spell into a super-powerful ritual.

High-Priest Doris


Is it time to feel lucky with the help of a free spell?

St: Patrick’s day is a well-known Irish tradition and a day of festivities. Many other countries have adopted it through the years, and most known is how the USA loves to celebrate it.

Calculate your daily luck with my unique app!

But for us in the magick realm, we take the time to focus on luck spells and positive energies. As it always is with magic, it’s the mind of the believer and the practitioner’s focus that manifests spells. And since this day makes people think of luck, it is the perfect day for a free luck spell!

Free luck spells
Four-leaf clover by Bellezza87

If you have never tried a luck spell before, you are in for a treat. When those small things in life click and work in your favor, the feeling you get is fantastic! Knowing that the day will turn out good and you will always go to bed with a smile on your face is priceless!

There are many luck symbols, and the lucky four-leaf clover is probably the most used in western culture. But there are many others to discover.

If you are feeling down on your luck lately, maybe you should have a free luck spell cast today!

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Best Online Spell Caster 2020

We can finally leave 2020 behind us with a bitter aftertaste. Most of us had a year dictated by the Covid-19 pandemic and have been longing for 2021 to start. We are finally beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel with vaccines coming out from pharmaceutical companies around the globe.

Not all was bad in 2020, though. I’ve received so many emails for this year’s “best spell caster”-voting! It’s a record year with over 5000 emails sending detailed information regarding people’s choice of a spell caster.

I had two of my assistants help me gather the essentials from your emails, and I concluded that Love Spells was the most used spell, and the runner-up was money spells. This is the same as always (for as long as I can remember), and it fills me with happiness, knowing that love is still more important than money, even during a year with economic hardships around the globe.

The most popular spell caster among love spells was using voodoo. For money spells, it was black magick.

Best spell caster online, with over 3000 votes, was:
“He was amazing, and the love spell started to show results within two weeks, and I within five weeks, my life was in a bliss…”
“He is a miracle-worker sent from the heavens…”

It just keeps going, email after email.

Well, I am happy to see this overwhelming reaction to his work, as I have known him for years and seen him bring so much happiness to the world with my own eyes. Visit his site to learn more about what he can do for you.

An honorable mention goes to, hailed as the best money spell caster in 2020.


High-Priestess Doris


2021 will be better!

My friends, I feel like you do. 2020 is a year to forget, and it’s time to look for 2021 and see what it has in store for all of us.

I have felt a change in energies the last week, which is a good sign for the future! We will be happier and see a new purpose for ourselves. I believe that these last weeks of the year are a perfect time to reflect upon what is essential for you and how you want your life to progress from here on. Life is more meaningful with goals that you strive to reach. Every day, it gives you a purpose, and you don’t feel like you aimlessly exist on this plane.

Set some goals, small or big, for 2021, and make a plan on how to reach your goals.

Let’s all enter 2021 with a positive mind and a newfound purpose in our lives!

High-Priestess Doris

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Coronavirus Protection Spells

We are still in a pendemic and I know many are tired of the situation. Many have lost their jobs and loved ones. It’s sad and it frustrating when you feel so powerless. But there is always a way, with magic!

If you feel you need to make a big change in 2020 or if you want to protect yourself against the worst affects of the covid-19 virus, then visit the official magic site for corona protection spells!

Kind regards,

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Voting results for BEST SPELL CASTER 2019

I have finally completed the counting and evaluation for the best spell caster. right now and it’s more or less a tie between 3 spell casters. Without any specific ranking, I present the 3 below:

They all have had a 99% success rate and so many people have emailed me and praising them for their excellent work!

High-Priestess Doris

spell casters spell casting

Vote for best spell caster 2019

It’s time you sent me your story and tell me who helped you during 2019. I also want to know if you were disappointed with any spell caster, so just write me and let it all out!

I need your email latest on January 13th. I will post the results and some testimonials in end of January!

Send it to:

High-Priestess Doris