Love Compatibility in the zodiac signs – Find the perfect match!

Are you living with your match? Or have you both made a big mistake?

Astrologers and wise men have, through the ages, compared and examined the stars and the movements in the sky. It’s been known for some time: there is a strong connection between what’s going on up there and what is going on down on earth. We are all affected by it, and this is also why we can know if the love compatibility between two persons. How do you think you are compatible with your spouse? Are you looking for your soul mate? Check your sign below and read more about it. Click on the gender you feel more comfortable with! 🙂

High-Priestess Doris

Aquarius Man

Aquarius Woman

January 20

February 18

Aries Man

Aries Woman

March 21

April 19

Cancer Man

Cancer Woman

June 21

July 22

Capricorn Man

Capricorn Woman

December 22

January 19

Gemini Man

Gemini Woman

May 21

June 20

Leo Man

Leo Woman

July 23

August 22

Libra Man

Libra Woman

September 23

October 22

Pisces Man

Pisces Woman

February 19

March 20

Sagittarius Man

Sagittarius Woman

November 22

December 21

Scorpio Man

Scorpio Woman

October 23

November 21

Taurus Man

Taurus Woman

April 20

May 20

Virgo Man

Virgo Woman

August 23

September 22

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