How Does The Full Moon Affect Us?

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For centuries, the moon has always been an object of mystery to humans. It has been symbolized to depict the beauty of a woman, romance, night, horror, and evil. In this article, I have researched how the moon affects us, our behavior, and our thoughts.

The moon in the Zodiac is the ruler of the sun sign, Cancer. People born under this sign are said to be ruled by the moon. But there is more insight into this than just the Zodiac’s association.

The moon’s position in the night sky reflects a woman’s fertility, menstrual cycles, and birth process. The woman’s menstrual cycle has a gap of about 28-30 days. Ovulation tends to occur during the darker phase. Hence, it was noted that a woman’s fertility rate and menstrual cycle function as per the moon’s lunar phase.

Lunar cycles can also affect other human behaviors and activities. In a survey conducted, it was found that many accidents, suicides, homicide cases, and murder cases were occurring at a higher rate. On a full moon day, more dangerous incidents occurred among people.

Also, it is noted that on full moon days, the tidal waves tend to be pulled higher. The gravitational pull was higher on full moon days, making it difficult for boating, cruising, or swimming in oceans and seas.

Suicides are also noted to be under the influence of lunar vibes, where a person with an unstable mind is more prone to suicidal attacks on a full moon day.

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I have also concluded that the moon has been associated with madness and insomnia for many centuries. Old-time warnings include, if a person stares too long at the man, they will eventually go mad.

Theories based on lycanthropes are also closely linked with the moon. It was firmly believed that the lunar phase helps transform lycanthropes, the best given example a werewolf.

An in-depth explanation tells us that the moon is the exact opposite of the sun. While the sun brings us warmth, light, and perfect vision, the moon gets to us a light that cannot be shared. The dark side of the moon portrays the dark illusions or phases. This type of darkness reveals or suggests some secrecy, a hidden secret, deception, a trait that gives us more reason to believe that the moon is associated with the descriptions as mentioned earlier.

Also, I have read that the moon has been associated with spiritual studies. In spiritual science, the moon has been referred to as a source of cool logic, calmness, tranquillity, peace, and coolness. Many spiritual sciences have followed occult theories based on what is known as ‘The Tradition of the Moon.’

While in medicinal cases, patients have been found to react abnormally on full moon days and new moon days. This has raised many eyebrows to the theory that the moon could possibly be responding to the mood swings of human beings whose sensitivity and thoughts are closely linked to the moon.

With this, I would like to say that the moon definitely does influence the human mind and body during its lunar cycles and phases.

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