Sun signs: A positive understanding

Circle of zodiac signs with the sun and moon

I have always been fascinated by this topic. Reading about the sun signs and their different qualities was so wonderful that I could not stop researching this fantastic concept. There are twelve sun signs in the zodiac, and they are as follows:-

1. Aries – The Ram (March 21- April 20)

2. Taurus – The Bull (April 21- May 21)

3. Gemini – The Twins (May 22- Jun 21)

4. Cancer – The Crab (Jun 22 – Jul 23)

5. Leo – The Lion (July 24- Aug 23)

6. Virgo – The Virgin (Aug 24- Sep 23)

7. Libra – The Scales (Sep 24- Oct 23)

8. Scorpio – The Scorpion (Oct 24 – Nov 22)

9. Sagittarius – The Archer (Nov 23-Dec 21)

10. Capricorn – The Goat (Dec 22- Jan 20)

11. Aquarius – The Water Bearer (Jan 21- Feb 20)

12. Pisces – The Fish (Feb 21-to March 20)

As I understood this concept of sun signs better, I found that the Sun is the most powerful in the universe. It exercises its warmth and power so accurately that the person born under the astrological house – upon which the sun was exercising its power – is bound to take after the characteristics of that particular zodiac. Sun signs are almost 80%-90% accurate. The purpose of our understanding of zodiac signs is to understand people better.

Sun signs are the skeleton of human life. They form the bones that connect our body; hence, we have the sign’s qualities. But there is the innate 10%-20% of oneself which adds up to the personality of the sun under which we are born. Due to this factor, astrological readings based on sun signs cannot be thoroughly precise as our individualism varies from person to person.

Now that I understand the sun signs better, it would be much easier for me to judge people. But to be a pro at this, the fundamental step is to know a person’s date of birth, as sun signs are categorized according to it. Sun signs help us communicate better with people and allow us to deal with people better.

Many of us would not agree that sun signs govern our life. I don’t see it this way. Whenever someone says, “I don’t believe in all this,” they only fool themselves. If we notice, our major characteristics are linked to the behavior of our sun sign. Of course, other aspects should be considered, such as the time of birth, ascent, moon descent, etc. But the basic knowledge is that sun signs rule our behavior and actions. They define who we are.

Understanding sun signs can help us in many ways. Suppose we know the sun sign of a person. In that case, it can help us be aware of their personality, make us tolerant towards their negative traits, more appreciative of their positive traits, and more understanding towards their sensitive characteristics. A good relationship can be built upon the foundation laid by sun signs.

High-Priestess Doris