4 Tips For Your First Date

Learn how To Attrach Strong and Successful MenThe big date is getting closer, and anxiety and nerve levels are going through the roof. All of this is normal because the unknown causes a lot of stress for most people, and a first date is full of unknowns! To try and ease these fears and that sickly feeling in your stomach, you can take control of the situation by following the tips below.

Tip #1: Plan ahead and try to find out more about your date before the big event. Google is a great tool to find out about someone. It might even give some red flags! Facebook is another place to check out, see the public photos uploaded or check out what they’ve listed on their interests. The Internet has made it much easier to find out if the person you think you are dating is fake or genuine.

Tip #2: Dress to impress! What you wear can speak volumes about you. So for the men, you need to be wearing a shirt and smart trousers and shoes. Obviously, you don’t need to look like you’re about to go to the office for the day, but a smart casual look creates a better impression than sneakers and a t-shirt. For the girls, avoid overdressing such as wearing a plunging neckline dress or a skirt that looks more like a belt! What you wear will often dictate how your date will treat you.

Tip #3: Keep it brief but fun because if the date turns in out to be a dud and filled with more awkward silences than in the history of the universe, you don’t want to be looking at your watch every 5 minutes wondering when you’re going to be able to escape. If things are going well, though, have a suggestion on somewhere you could go next – but that doesn’t mean suggesting going back to yours for a nightcap!

Tip #4: Make sure people know where you are. This is probably more important for the girl, but whenever you are going on a date or somewhere with someone you don’t know very well, ensure that your friends know where you are and that your phone is fully charged. You can even arrange for a friend to ring you at a predefined time to check that you are OK. Don’t make it evident to the man that it’s checking in a phone call, so say something casual like, “oh, I’m on a date at the moment. Can I call you tomorrow?” which might also give you a talking point when you hang up as you tell some interesting gossip about your friend!

Follow these tips, and it will help your first date go smoothly while allowing you to stay in control. With that said, we wish you the best of luck and hope the first date turns into a second date!

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