4 Ways to Kill the Conversation on a First Date

Learn how To Attrach Strong and Successful MenEvery one of us has heard horror stories about first dates that were complete duds, or maybe you’ve been unfortunate enough to have gone on a few yourself. A first date is your opportunity to make a good impression to show that you are a normal, sane but fun person while trying to determine if the other person is also a normal, sane and fun person. To ensure that this is the impression you give, there are a few conversation killers that you absolutely need to avoid to get the second date if you want it.

Talk about your ex

It seems like an obvious piece of advice, but everyone knows someone who’s been on a date, and the other person constantly referred to their ex. It either means that you are not over your ex, or you still have too many unresolved issues that you are not in the right place for dating someone else – and your date will definitely pick up on this!

Talk about personal problems.

You may have money problems or issues with your parents, but a first date is supposed to be fun and an opportunity to forget personal problems for a while. Talking about your personal issues on a first date is a huge red flag because it shows that further down the line, there may be challenges that the two of you have to face, and no one wants to come away from a first date thinking the other person will be hard work if they start dating.

Talk about commitment and settling down

As mentioned above, a first date is meant to be a fun event to get to know someone, not a scouting mission to find your life partner. In particular, men are uncomfortable talking about commitment and settling down at best times. Hence, if you are talking about marriage, mortgages, and babies on the first date, the chances are that you will not get the promised phone call for the second date. It can also make you sound desperate and look for anyone rather than a special someone.

Showing off your achievements too much

No one likes a show-off, and there is a fine line between confidence and constantly talking about your achievements. This is definitely true if your date tells you about something they are proud of and you tell them how you did something similar only better. It will put your date down and make them feel less confident about themselves. Talking about your achievements modestly is enough to show that you are successful and confident but remember to not dwell on it and talk about yourself all the time.

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