4 Places To Avoid Like The Plague on a First Date

Learn how To Attrach Strong and Successful MenA first date is meant to be your opportunity to present the best side of you while also finding out if the other person is someone you want to get to know better. A first date needs to foster conversation in an environment where everyone is comfortable and has no distractions. Here are just four places that we’ve come up with that you should avoid taking someone on a first date:


The first date is meant to be an opportunity to get to know each other, not sit in a crowded movie hall watching the latest Hollywood rom-com! Sure, it might be good if you are shy, but how will that help you get a second date or find out what the other person is really like. Going to the cinema is like saying I’m not that bothered getting to know you, so let’s just catch a movie.

Bar or Nightclub

There are three reasons to not go to a bar or nightclub on your first date. One is that it’s probably too loud to talk properly, and you end up having to shout in each other’s ear and catch half of what the other person is saying. The second is that it can encourage you to drink too much, which can have multiple undesirable consequences, and lastly is that old cliché of your date for the night meets their future partner while standing at the bar waiting to be served.


House parties are great when everyone knows each other. They are not great when you take someone as a date because, despite your best intentions, there will be times when your date is left standing in the corner while you are having a ball with your mates. Also, bringing your date into your social circle so soon can be very intimidating, or even worse, they might meet someone they like instead of you!

Sporting Event

This is one for the men reading this: Unless you met your date at a sporting event, don’t make your first date watching the big game. Believe it or not, your whooping, chanting, and unrestrained emotion, while you are watching the game may not give your date a great impression of you! What’s more, it tells your date that the most crucial thing in your life is your team, not your potential partner.

Knowing where to go on a first date can be tricky to organize, but keep clear of the places mentioned above, and you are halfway towards winning a second date if you want it!

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