The power of the full moon Part 3.

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Full Moon Madness and Human Relationships

For decades, the full moon has been linked to suicidal things, crime and various other ill activities. On a positive note, itís believed that full moon also bears the seeds of success and many other fruitful things in life. People tend to invest in stocks for quick returns, women are believed to be more fertile and oneís romantic life also takes a positive twist during the full moon phase. So, the full moon has been linked with both positive and negative things in life. While the relationship between human beings and the full moon is not written on stone, there are many interesting theories that support the verdict that the full moon does have a great influence on human relationship. On the other hand, there are people who believe that the magical world of full moon is nothing extraordinary, but filled with myths.

Since centuries, the belief is passed on that the fate of human beings depends a lot on moon cycles. Some of the scientific reviews do suggest that the full moon alter the way human beings behave. Experts reckon that the moon is responsible for creating a tidal effect on oceans during the night. Since human body comprises of 80% water, the influence of moon on a personís intellectual ability cannot be completely ignored. Itís believed that a person experiences great changes internally based on the different phases of the moon. Activities of crime such as accidents, murders etc are found to be high during the full moon phase. Likewise, human relationships are also believed to be at their peak during full moon phase.

The full moon phase is considered by many as the best time to go on a date. Experts suggest that between the end of the new moon and the start of the waxing moon, the universe is filled with loads of positive energy. This positive energy can be used to oneís advantage because the energy can attract two people towards each other. Therefore, itís considered as the best time to be on a date. The phase between the waxing moon and the full moon is also considered as the best time to get married. Chances are high that the relationship will take off well due to the positive energy present in the environment. Therefore, one might enjoy a happy and prosperous relationship. Over here, one is advised against new relationships on the full moon because the actual full moon can make way for tension or uneasiness in a relationship.

To top it all, the full moon phase is also said to be an ideal time to conceive a baby. Most of the creatures that live in the sea follow the moon cycle to ensure successful breeding. They are able to mate successfully, when the force from the moon is at its peak. Recent studies have highlighted the fact that the full moon phase is the best time for a woman to conceive a baby. Thatís not all; the full moon cycle can also mark the end of a relationship. Those who are looking to move on with their life by ending a relationship are advised to wait until the waning moon. Since ages, the waning moon has been associated with banishing of things from oneís life. So, a relationship that doesnít seem to have any future can be ended once and for all during a waning moon. In all aspects, it seems apparent that the moon has great influence on human relationship. Our ancestors have examined the full moon and its influence on human relationships. Today, scores of people out there believe and follow what has been passed on since generations.

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