The power of the full moon Part 1.

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Does Full Moon Magic Really Work?

The full moon has been linked with magic, superstition and rituals since many centuries. In fact, it has a long aura of mysteries. Some of which remain mysteriously unexplained till date. The fact that the moon is the closest astronomical body to us, itís believed to have major influence in our lives. The full moon carries abundance of power and energy. The divine energies are at their peak during the full moon phase. Therefore, witches consider the full moon phase as the best period to perform magical works. As the moon continues with itís never ending revolving cycle, it travels through various astrological signs. When it resides within an astrological sign, the magical aspect of the moon gets influenced by the prevailing astrological sign. Therefore, each phase of the moon is used for different purposes. Timing the spell in accordance to the moon cycle is the key to improve the effectiveness of the magic. As mentioned earlier, the full moon is considered to be the strongest phase for rituals and spells. In other words, the full moon phase is the most powerful time to cast spells.

So, does full moon magic really work for one and all is a question that deserves serious attention. First and foremost, one need to understand that magic is a term used to describe an act or method used by witches to direct their own power and the power of the universe to achieve a certain goal or target. Magic does work since itís a force of nature. But, it may not always work like a charm. Apart from performing the magic in accordance to the moon phase, one has to consider many other things to ensure that the magic produces satisfactory results.

To be pointblank over here, full moon magic may not deliver instant gratification. There are times when a person will achieve a destined goal after many months. So, there is no scientific evidence to prove that full moon magic really works or not. But, if were to believe claims; magic spells performed on full moon have improved many lives. In any case, performing magic should not serve as a substitute for helping yourself in various walks of life.

For instance, you wonít make any sales, unless you approach customers. Customers wonít walk up to your doorsteps to buy your products. As they say, you wonít get a six until you throw a dice. The same principle applies over here. So, the key is to act on the desire for which you are casting the spell. Only then, the universal forces will help you attain your desired goals in one way or the other. Chances are that you will suddenly realize that things are automatically falling in place after acting upon your desires.

Like everything else in life, magic requires great deal of practice to perform with perfection. There are many witches out there who have mastered the art with great precision. They know what rituals works best during the full moon phase. They will channelize all the positive energy and direct them in your life so that you start experiencing good things in life.

Overall, there are many documented and non documented theories that support the claim that full moon magic really works. One such supportive theory suggests that full moonís effect on human behavior stems from its influence on water. The fact that every human body comprises of nearly 80% water, the moon performs its spell in a mysterious manner by somehow disrupting the alignment of water molecules present in our nervous system. Perhaps, it will take time for all of us to really know if these explanations are true or not.

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