The power of the full moon Part 2.

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Does full moon influence our sexual life?

Does full moon influence our sexual life? Itís no secret to learn that some species of animals mate during the full moon phase for successful breeding. Itís understood that these creatures are led by the full moon to begin mating. In other words, the full moon serves a signal for the animals. Does the full moon have a similar effect on the sexual life of human beings is a question that truly deserves great attention? Although the influence of full moon on human fertility has been accepted, itís still subjected to a lot of debate. After all, how can human beings turn more romantic and sexual during the full moon phase?

For most part, the influence of the full moon on our sexual life has been linked to the internal changes that a person undergoes during the full moon phase. It has been observed that aggression, anxiety and romance are at their peak during the full moon phase. So, the connection of the full moon with our sexual life is mental for the major part. Also, hormone changes are being connected with the lunar cycle. So, does the hormonal change drive the sexual beast inside a person? Perhaps, itís the combination of mental and hormonal changes that have an influence on the sexual life of human beings. Not to forget the fact that a personís own passion and drive towards sex also plays a great role over here because the power of a personís imagination and fantasies cannot be undermined on all accounts. When combined with the mystic power of full moon, a romantic relationship attains new high. So, the energy derived from the full moon can have great influence on human beings. Witches are also known to cast magical spells during the full moon phase to help a person improve his/her sexual life. Chances are that a benefiting person might feel that the sexual beast is trying to escape from within because of the newly derived energy from the full moon.

Recent reports have also unveiled the fact that a womenís body undergoes great changes during the full moon cycle. These changes are meant to prepare a woman for reproduction. Itís believed that the moon provides great sexual energy to a woman to fulfill the desire that a women has at the back of her mind. In the past, a womanís period was matched with the moon cycles. A woman would have her period during the new moon, and attain great fertility during the full moon phase. Therefore, a woman gets horny during the full moon phase. So, all the beliefs and studies do suggest that the full moon has an influence on our sexual life.

Interestingly, most of the studies on full moon and its influence on sexual life are surrounding women and not men. Nonetheless, planned sex is not always possible. Neither, can one compel their partner for forced sex just because itís a full moon phase. Also, one doesnít really wait for the full moon phase to experience sex. It may actually sound erotic to have a sexual intercourse based on calendar events. Whether or not, full moon has an influence on our sexual life, there are other powerful factors than the full moon that actually determines how successful our sexual life would be. So, the influence of moon on our love life depends hugely upon us than the moon itself. Nevertheless, possibilities are high that more romantic and sensual thoughts may come into our minds during the full moon phase, but at the end of the day, the reality is still a subject matter of further examination.

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