Unlocking the Power of Telepathy


Telepathy is a form of mind-to-mind communication often practiced by psychics. Some are said to be born with telepathic powers and can hence ‘pick up’ signals from those ‘transmitting’ them. Mental communication can involve transmitting images, sounds, symbols, shapes, colors, thoughts, feelings, etc.

Ancient Roots and Cultural Significance of Telepathy

Like all psychic powers, telepathy has been practiced from immemorial and by different cultures. There are various instances of telepathic communication in folklore and ancient writings. Certain tribes consider telepathy an inherent universal human quality, while others consider that they are the powers of a select few.  Ancient Egyptians believed in telepathy and often tried to communicate in the same while Greek philosophers like Democritus and Aristotle started proposing theories to explain the phenomenon. As times developed, science questioned the existence of telepathy. Societies dedicated to psychic research were founded that conducted experiments to understand these least studied areas. Telepathy was the first of the psychic powers to be studied by scientific means.

Scientific Research and Notable Cases of Telepathic Communication

Since then, telepathy has been one of the better-studied psychic powers of all time, with its research continuing till today.

Telepathy has been well-reported by many research groups. Certain magicians like Rowland I and D. Brown have also exhibited their telepathic powers. Anyone must have heard of identical twins often understanding the other without verbal communication or mothers swearing that they know their babies are crying even if reasonable distances separate them. These are examples of telepathic communication.

The Art of Mind-to-Mind Connection: Senders and Receivers

Telepathy is done with two persons – the sender and the receiver. The sender transmits, and the receiver receives. There is no verbal communication or gesturing. The sender sends the (let’s say) symbol to the receiver by concentrating on the symbol. Telepathy can be practiced by having eye contact, being in neighboring rooms, or even over long distances.

Rediscovering and Developing Telepathic Abilities

Like all psychic powers, humans have long forgotten their telepathic abilities. In the prehistoric age, where language was not formed, and signs carried little meaning, telepathy was the form of communication. This lost technique can be learned again with an open and eager mind. Unlike other psychic powers, telepathy has to be practiced in pairs. Both the pair should believe in the possibility of telepathy and should also have an open, eager mind to learn it.

It is advisable to decide who will be the sender and the receiver. Telepathy is no exception when it comes to mediation. Both the sender and receiver should be completely relaxed physically and mentally. Deep breaths synchronizing with each other also bring the pair together in tune for telepathy. The sender should imagine the receiver well with facial features and concentrate on the image. He should presume that the receiver is close by and willing to accept his transmissions. Now the sender can imagine a connection between the sender and receiver in the form of a string that connects the minds.

It is unnecessary for all telepathic communications and won’t be needed when mastered. The sender can then imagine the image or symbol in the mind’s eye and conjure up an image of the symbol traveling down the string to the receiver. The sender will be able to recognize a successful transmission after a few minutes in case of instincts. All this happens only with repeated practice and a receptive exploratory mind.

Conversely, the receiver should be comfortable in his space and not allow stray thoughts. He should not consciously struggle to grasp the sender’s thoughts which will again be unsuccessful. At initial attempts, the receiver can jot down all he grasps during the trial. Later, he can distinguish the actual transmission from other confusing thoughts. The sender and receiver can then discuss what was transmitted and exchange roles to see which is more suitable for each.

Telepathy can be a fun psychic power to develop, especially as it can be practiced with friends. Success may seem rare at initial attempts, but perseverance is the key.

High-Priestess Doris