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Before you set out on a life-transforming journey, you must have complete knowledge of the history of that adventure, mainly if you are involved in a belief system or religion like Wicca. Most of us know that the present Wiccan religion came into existence in 1954 with the efforts of Gerald Gardner. He authored several texts that influenced Freemasonry, Theosophy, Aleister Crowley, and other occult sources. This gave birth to the present-day Wicca religion that exists today.

Recently, archaeologists discovered a collection of Papyri somewhere in Egypt, which had increased the knowledge about this religion. The fragments of this sacred teaching have also given rise to various branches of the Magick Path. The multiple branches of witchcraft do not leave out a single discipline of the core Magick Principle obtained from the Magick Papyri. Thus, it can be said that witchcraft unleashes the immense power of Magick at your feet.

The presence of the right teacher, when coupled with the ancient secrets of Magick, will undoubtedly evoke one’s ability to change the environment around him in unique ways.

Wiccan witchcraft

At present, Wicca is one of the most rapidly developing religions in the continent of North America. It is another name for ‘Witchcraft.’ Though some believe it is synonymous with Satanism, the truth is quite the opposite. Witchcraft gained momentum during the middle ages. However, the presence of immense superstition gave rise to supernatural power, thus creating a ‘Hodge podge’ of the practitioners of witchcraft in the world. The present-day Wiccans distance their practice from Christianity, viewing it as a ‘male-dominated’ religion. They believe there should be a proper balance in all aspects of life.

Fundamental Beliefs Of The Wiccan Religion

The Wiccan region is becoming increasingly popular, and many are encountering it in one way or another. Books related to Wiccan practices can easily be found in most bookstores. Not only this but many websites offering a considerable storehouse about the Wiccan religion have also come up. You might have also found some information about the Wiccan religion in movies or TV. Most of us will encounter something related to the Wiccan belief daily due to its rapidly rising popularity. Many people these days accept the beliefs and principles of the Wiccan religion, so it is now essential to have at least some knowledge about it. Wicca is the short form for witchcraft, and its practitioners are technically known as witches.

However, the name ‘Wicca’ emerged to distinguish these practices from Satanism, consorting with demons, and human sacrifice, which have been associated with witchcraft. Witchcraft, particularly in its present form of Wicca, has strong core beliefs, making it relatively benign. ‘Harm None’ is the primary tenet of Wicca. This tenet specifies that acts such as sacrificing humans or other animals or casting spiteful spells, along with various other things that other religions do not object to, are prohibited in this religion. Another essential tenet reinforcing the Wiccan religion’s benign nature is the ‘Law of Three.’ According to this law, whatever we send out into the environment comes back to us threefold.

According to this tenet, Wiccans do not harm others and are pretty generous while carrying out positive actions. This happens mainly due to the boomerang effect explained earlier. Another exciting thing about the Wiccan religion is that it doesn’t believe Satan exists. This belief contradicts the image that people had of Wicca in their minds. It is also thought that all supernatural forces act neutrally, and it is up to the people how they use these forces – positively or negatively. Religious freedom is also an essential tenet of Wicca. This belief comes from the immense persecution that the worshipers of nature have suffered, some religious beliefs or others. Due to this religious freedom, Wiccans do not encourage evangelizing. However, they are open to sharing their religion with everyone.

Two Witchcraft Wiccan Spells You Can Do Today

While performing spells, you must remember that it isn’t the material you use but the emotions you portray which is crucial. For example, there’s a difference between saying, ‘I love you,’ just for the sake of it, and looking a person in the eye and ‘feeling’ it when you say it. You may also want to investigate ritual observances as they take shape; nevertheless, they acquire added time, energy, and resources.

To win over a rejection:

With proximity to their image, formulate a wax doll. Engrave the name into the doll thrice. Now, bake the figurine over a fire. The magic lies here –with the melting of the doll, their heart will also melt. As it melts, recite this charm: (Name of the person) your heart shalt melt; will for thee, as this doll thaws, your heart shalt bleed. Draw closer to my shadow, and stay my heart to eternity, you cannot deny this day, and it will stay this way.

To fasten A Lover to You:

Obtain a mirror into which your love has previously peeped into before. Remember, don’t look into the mirror. Now, shatter it. Conceal the pieces in the soil or an earthen pot and lay them to rest at your home. Each Friday, intersperse the mark where the mirror has been laid to rest with a tea prepared from spikenard herb while reiterating the name of the one you love. These are just two spells out of the thousands available. If you can make this work, you should gather your emotions and direct your energy toward them. Rituals instruct you on expressing that poignant energy to the preferred target while functioning with witchcraft Wiccan spells.

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