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Witchcraft: Working with the Full Moon

Witches generally believe that ritual practices on the full moon can produce outstanding results. According to them, the full moon holds abundance of positive energies and magical powers. From a witchís point of view, the full moon phase is the best time for magical spells that can be used for added protection, power, healing ability, transformation and many other positive things. Therefore, spells during full moon phase can have powerful effects. Inevitably, one will experience positive results while working with the full moon. Itís considered as the ideal time for healing, bonding and spreading love through magic spells.

As one might expect, there are many elements involved in any magic spells. While some spells are easy to perform, some are extremely complex. As such, every witch knows the days on which the magic spell works best. There is abundance of scattered information all over the place that talks about witchcrafts. An experienced witch knows how to cast a perfect spell for the right reason. Besides this, he/she might also be familiar with the methods to call down the power of the moon and the power of the Goddess. Once these divine powers have been called down, they are directed in the right manner to achieve desirable results. Some witches also perform meditation to channelize the powers that have been called down from the full moon. In simple words, a witch performs some rituals to draw power from the full moon and then casts a spell to focus the granted power for a certain cause.

A witch is supposed to be precise and careful with her proceedings. Some rituals involve a request from the Goddess. Therefore, a witch should be respectful as well. Only then, itís believed that the witch will be granted some power by the Goddess. The power can be used to improve relationships, career prospects, health and many other things in life. Those performing rituals on full moon have to bear numerous other things in mind. To harness the power of full moon to the fullest, itís said that one should understand the influence of various phases of moon in oneís life, and when the rituals should be performed for maximum results. For instance, the new moonís energies should be used three days before the new moon, on the new moon and three days post the new moon in order to cast positive spells and to get rid of all the negative energies during these days. On the other hand, full moon rituals are used for getting rid of unwanted influences in oneís life. In addition to this, releasing, planning and working backwards in life are performed on the full moon. Just like the new moon, the full moon magic can also be casted over a period of seven days.

One will find varied reasons across the Internet about people stating why magic spells work best on full moon phase only. After all, the moon is full of mystery, power, energy and saga. Experienced witches know the perfect answer to this question since moon is the most important heavenly body for them. The moon is cyclical and like women we menstruate with the moon. Itís believed that our senses are heightened during the full moon period. The moon mirrors the stages of our lives. All the necessary things can be aligned in accordance with the phases of the moon to achieve a particular need or demand. Witches generally make use of crystals and candles while casting a spell. The magic of the moon has prevailed for a long time. As long as the witchcraft is used for a positive cause without causing any harm to someone, it wonít be an understatement to claim that full moon witchcraft will prevail for a long time to come.

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