Wishing for the passion that once was

My husband and I have been together for a year and 9 months and have been married for only 6 months. We had a rough start but there was always a strong passion between us. You know that new love passion that happens with every new relationship.

Now it seems like we just float from day to day always to busy, tired, or frustrated with everyday life. I wish for the passion we once had to come back into our lives. I want the love and passion we shared for one another almost 2 years ago to come back into our lives. I think that we are working too much, mostly him. He gets up so early and come back at 10 pm so when he gets home he only wants to eat and go to bed, not even to watch a movie or share a glass of wine with me, like before.

I don't want to be like these couples that don't share life, sex and the only thing that they share is bed, and not even that sometimes... At the moment I feel very worry about it. I am here wishing for the passion that we once have to come back and stay for ever.

I remember only 6 months ago, we were doing sex all around our house, waiting for the weekend to stay at home in bed all day! It was a dream life that came true, but this has nothing to do with the man I met. I don't know what to do anymore, I tried so many things already, like special dinners, new underwear, and I even pay a luxury hotel to spend the night together, but after that all came back to this new normality...

We used to be those special two! Where the two of you get the joke, and leave everyone else scratching theirheads... or that couple that everyone look at us remembering all times... and I don't want my passion to be part of my past, I want it in my present and for sure in our future.

I wish so much for him to be like before! I hope he still likes me and loves me. I wish he could have a better job not working all day. What else would be more important other then communication? We use to have it but not now. Itis so easy to have a misunderstanding blow up into something in your head. Beingable to sit down, and talk it out is so valuable. We use to talk all night. To talk like adults, and notcut each other off, respecting our individualities and yourself. Another big mistake is automatically thought the other one is wrong, and you areright. To really put you inthe other person's shoes is essential for happy relationships I think, to imagine how the other person feels in that moment in time. Thatis something that will keep a relationship intact for a very long time.Communication really is key and if he doesn't speak enough with me, if he doesn't understand how important is to share time of quality together, then all will go to the worst scenario.

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