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Love spells that work

Magic Spells can create wonders, most of us know that, in addition we also know that love spells that work can help someone bring or get back his or her ex, it can help in marital cases and much more, but do you know that love spells to avoid breakup is also a successful spell. Yes, love spells to avoid breakup are used by couples so that no matter whatever happens between them, no matter how much they fight at the end they will keep loving each other and would never break up their relationship. Couples who are fully committed to each other go for these kinds of spells and you would be shocked to hear that males prefer this spell to be cast more than ladies. Men always fear to lose their ladies and thus the hype between mails is more for this love spells to avoid break up.

If you think that you and your lover argue or fight over small things, which leads to not talking to each other and so on, then love spells to avoid breakup is what you need urgently. Quickly look for an online spell caster or a love psychic who can help you design the spell and cast it. You can even find free love spells over the internet or request a love psychic to send you free love spells over to your email so that you can cast it all by yourself. Mostly for love spells to avoid breakup, a portion or a love charm is made that is to be used by both the lovers.

It has also been seen that many breakup cases is because of a third person entering into the alliance, this happens lot of times, it has also been seen that out of jealousy and evil eye two people break their relationship. Sometimes this third person also take help from magic and cast spells to lure your lover towards him / her, but for all this solution is only one, love spells to avoid breakup. Below you will find a spell for the same, you can cast it only twice in a year and once on a full moon night and one on a new moon night and a Halloween day. So try out the spell but only on the day as instructed above and follow the instructions verbatim – as stated below.

Take a long piece of twig from a maple tree, in that twig put twelve red rose petals then the picture of your lover then twelve yellow rose petals then a picture of you and your lover together then twelve pink rose petals followed by a picture of you followed by twelve white rose petals. Once done keep it aside, the whole set up would look like meats fixed on a grill stick and ready to be burnt and grilled. Take a medium size cauldron in which put around three liters of sea water, two little of river water and one liter of tap water – half of which belongs to your house and the rest half from the house of your lover, set the cauldron on a bon fire. When the water starts steaming put two table spoon of dragon’s blood and rabbit’s nail (Can be purchased from your local Wicca store), which would be the same as the sum of your and your lover’s age. Once you see the water starts boiling put the twig preparation inside the cauldron and chant the below spell three times.

“Unite we love
Unite we live
Unite we die
No one apart us within.”

Take out the twig with the help of a tong and then burn the complete twig as it is, making sure the ashes falls inside the cauldron and mixes with the prepared water. Let the boiling water evaporate – keep stirring it. Once you find almost half the water evaporated, then take the cauldron away from the fire, take out the mixed liquid and fill it up in a bottle, throw the water on your home and also on your lover’s home making sure no one stops you or questions you of what you are doing, do this two times every month till next Easter, once on the date in which you are born and once on the date your lover is born. You will see that within a year both of you would get more close to each other and no one can dare to separate you from your love and vice versa.

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