My lover

We are finally together and getting it right. He talks about marriage more now then ever before. We both love each other and are committed in our relationship. I do not want to push it, but I want him to come to the realization that we are made for each other. Some of my friends do not like him and I want them to accept him as my committee lover.

The problem is that my friends still like more my ex boyfriend, he manage to continue in touch with them and now my friends don't want me to be with any other man, that is not fair, I am in love with Mike, I will marry him. I love my friends but the need to understand that I am done with my ex and I am moving on with my new life.

I suffer a lot in the past I deserve this happiness. Mike is a great man, he is faithful, sweet, he cooks great, he is always there for me and he never judges me.

I met him at work, he was in another area but always found a way to see me, until he ask me for a date. I was so happy but I didn't want to say yes that day so I asked him to let me think, after 2 days I called him and we went to the movies. Nothing happened, the next week he invited me to have dinner, I say yes in that moment, I really like him from day one. We went to a great fancy restaurant and he told me he was interested in me for real, and asked me we could start seeing each other more. I agreed and so that is how we started. He was always clear, from the beginning and now, very correct and a real gentleman, there isn't much men like him now. I want to share my life with him, have children and all. I want my family with him. He is the one I can feel it, my lover will give me the happiness and love I always dream about.

I am even looking bride’s magazine, he doesn't know of course. But I am so happy that we will get married. All this won't be complete unless my friends accept him, he is so nice, I don't understand why they are still complaining...

It is not fair to me, I always support them in their decisions, and now I deserve to get the same, I think so because that is what a real friend do. I am willing to give them some more time, but if they don't change I will end the friendship with all, for nothing I will miss my lover. I hope they can realize how important id this tome, and how important they are to me also...

Please do a prayer for us, please make my wish come true, make my friends accept my lover. Can you help me? I cast cleanse spell for us and it went great, now I only need my friends to cooperate.

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