My Prayer

Please pray for Michael68 and Kimberly63 stay together. We are on the edge of breaking up and it may already be too late. I may have already lost him. Please help to bring us back together again as I love him with all my heart and want us to marry. The truth is that I made a big mistake. I went to a party with my friends from high school, I didn't see them for 5 years, and there was my ex boyfriend from high school, that left me for my best friend. That night he was alone, he was after me all night and suddenly we were drank and we kissed.

It was only that but I don't know how my actual boyfriend knew it the day after. He waited (he told me after) a week but as I didn't say anything (because I didn't want to break his heart for soothing that didn't was important to me, I wasn't planning to see that guy again) he decided to break up with me. He confess he new and said that he couldn't trust me anymore. I regret that kiss that night, and everything that happen, he didn't deserve it, I was stupid… Now I lost a wonderful man, that wanted to marry me. He is right, I should tell him, but I was afraid of a brake up that ending happening after all. I told him all in that talk, how bad I felt and that I regret that night and I will do it for the rest of my life. I told him he was the love of my life, he was the one and my everything but he said he can not make it, that now he needs space to think and process all. I will give him this space of course. But I am afraid maybe he will never forgive me. My prayer is for him to forgive and forget what happen that night. My prayer is to get him back for ever and get married. My prayer is to ask the universe to protect us. I am glad I am sharing this awful feeling with you, now I feel better. This site is wonderful. Congratulations and thanks for giving us the space. I hope he can find in his heart some mercy to forgive me, I have been a great girlfriend after all, he always says so to me.

We used to do all together, we love walking, going to the beach and spend Sundays at bed. We were perfect, I am crying again because I know that maybe he won't come back and he is right, I am a horrible person. My prayer is to deserve forgiveness and for him to love me again. I wish I could go back in time and never go to that stupid party. This man ruined my life twice already. I hate him and I will for the rest of my days.

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