I desperately need an income

I am forty-three and my daughter is nineteen. We live with my parents. We need our own place and I need an income as soon as possible! She works but does not get many hours so her income is really low. We might get my gramma's place (just went into nursing home) but I have had trouble finding any job.

I would like to do something online ( I have a college diploma and many skills) and in November (according to several readings) we will open our own metaphysical shop (I do reiki and she does tarot) I am beginning to believe the lottery is the only way we will achieve this, I have tried so many things(ebay, zazzle, affiliates) nothing has worked so far ...

We have a website and forum but have had only a handful of clients, even though we get rave reviews on the healing sessions (I do quantum touch too) I have done spells myself and had them done but so far nothing seems to change. I am tired of no privacy and my parents fight and do not get what we are about. Mom is a bible thumping Christian and says we are evil pagans because we do feng shui and energy work (even though she introduced me to it!) we do not tell her about the Wicca or spells. Please help us get a place of our own, help us wishing for us to improve out incomes. Last week I went to an interview that was looking for journalists and they told me that maybe they will start working with me as freelancer. I hope they do what they say. If they give me the chance and opportunity to write, they will be happy with my work, I know that because I write well and I am very enthusiastic when I like a work.

That will allow me to proceed with my patients also, because I can work from home….

My daughter is working as waitress but only 3 days a week, we both need to work more hours, until our project become profitable. I believe it will take us one more year to get that goal, but in the meantime we need to run away from my parents house. I can´t stand my mother mostly, and my dad and her and yelling all day. I do not even understand why they are still together! Since I have memory they always fight, I even tell them to get divorce but they don´t hear me. It is like they like doing it at the end. Or something like that….

So if I can not make all this better I have to move on, and take my daughter out of this mess. She deserves better. And I am willing to do all what is needed to give that to her. Amy is the best thing that ever happen to me. She is the reason why I always want to be a better person.

thank you

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