10 Aikido basic Guide

Aikido is often described as more of a defensive martial art since its techniques and lessons are there for you to avoid or resulting from difficulties. On the contrary, aikido techniques are very powerful and efficient.

Basically there are four levels of technology in Aikido training. These are the katai refers to the basic training and is intended for the construction of the basis of body movements and breathing; yawarakai the traits of the defendant to steer attacks and securing movements to take control of the attacker or a situation which no-ki-nagare which includes training the defendant to defence or counter-attack by merging his movement with the attacker before the latter makes contact, and the ki is the absolute Aikido technology and includes establishing a connection of KI or spirit from the defender to attacker .

In the training for aikido, you need a sparring partner. The Uke and the ". The uke is the initiator of the attack and is replaced by the aikido techniques, while the rodents is the defender and the one that the attack neutralized.

Aikido basic techniques include ikky includes an attacker to gain control by one to the elbow and one near the wrist, a chance to throw the attacker to the ground, the Niky moves into the uke with a wristlock and rotates the arm While the application painful nerve pressure; sanky the rotating is a technique for applying a spiral of tension in the whole arm, including the elbow and shoulder, a shoulder yonky control technology with both hands gripping the forearm; goky is another variant of ikky

with the hand gripping the wrist is inverted and is very useful weapon in take-aways; shihnage or four direction throw; kotegaeshi or wrist, a wristlock discard that the extensor digitorum; kokynage also known as respiratory discards timing or discards; iriminage or entering the body raises similar to a "clothes line" technology; tenchinage or heaven and earth throw; koshinage or Aikido version of hip throw; jinage or shape-as-'ten' discard , And throw kaitennage rotation or the "sweeps the arm of the uke back until it snaps into the shoulder joint to the" applies the pressure to the front to throw the attacker.

These are just basic techniques and from the list thousands of possible implementations or combinations can be obtained by the aikidokas. In Aikido, a strike of employees in the implementation of Aikido technique called Atemi. For beginners, grabs are the first to be taught. It is safer and the aikidoka can easily feel the energy flowing from the UKE to. "

The basic techniques are the grave katate-dori or single-handed grabs, with one hand to grasp a wrist; morote-dori or both hands-the grave uses both hands to grab a wrist; ryte-dori other two - hands access technology in both hands are used to attack both wrists; kata-dori or shoulder grave technology and the mune-dori or breast-grave, taking the garments of the attacker's chest.

Mastering each technique requires discipline and dedication. To a good aikodoka, you have to master both techniques and the principle of marital arts.

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