HOW LUCKY ARE YOU? Try the daily luck calculator!

The luck calculator uses a complex set of calculations, all based on your birth date, venus and our moons current positions. With old, before unknown, data and calculations, the amazing daily Luck Calculator tool could be created. The result given in % is the estimated amount of positive energies built up around you. It is in % as we all have a different minimum and maximum amount of energy flow possible in us. The results are never the less same when based on %. Look below to see what the results of the daily luck calculator means today.

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0-15% - Ok, stay home and hide in your bed... Today are most likely gonna be a bad day!

16-30% - Some small hope and a strim of light, but you do best in not taking any kind of risks today.

31-45% - It's just one of those days when you wished you did stay home and never went out of bed.

46-60% - You are being able to enjoying the sweetness of your life today. But it's most likely bitter/sweet.

61-75% - It is good being you today. Forcast of lucky winds blowing your way. Enjoy the day.

76-90% - You are just being very lucky today. Time to get lottery tickets of any sort.

91-100% - This is a day to really enjoy! You are glowing and you have a perfect day ahead of you!

How your luck percentage can be calculated from Venus' position?
The Planet Venus rules over more than one aspect of your life. Of course, Venus is known as the planet of love and romance. Looking into Venus' position gives answer to questions such as: Am I going to meet a new lover soon? Is my relationship set up to last? Venus influence combines the financial and health side with the romantic. As a result, it gives a great indication about your luck at the moment.

How your luck percentage can be calculated from the Moon's position?
The influence of the moon on people's behavior has been called the lunar effect. There's no better explanation than a scientific one for that phenomenon: There have been very serious studies and the following data shows that the Moon influences our behavior without a doubt!

- 11,613 cases of aggravated assault in a 5-year period: assaults occurred more often around the full moon.
- 34,318 crimes in a 1-year period: crimes occurred more frequently during the full moon.
- 18,495 records from patients admitted to a psychiatric hospital in an 11-year period: admissions for psychosis were highest during the new moon and lowest during the full moon.
- 25,568 psychiatric emergency room visits in a 13-year period: visits increased near the first quarter moon and a decreased around the new moon and full moon.
- 841 cases of "self-poisonings" in a 4-year period: self-poisonings did occur more often on the day of the full moon.
- 1,621 patients over 3 year period who were bitten by either a cat, rat, horse or dog: the incidence of animal bites was significantly higher around the full moon.

High-Priestess Doris

Luck - The inner meaning

L.U.C.K a four alphabet word, but has so much to do with. Have you ever thought what luck is? Where did it come from? Who invented it? Or probably first discovered it? This four alphabet word is associated with all of us, no matter we are poor dad or rich dad, I mean no matter whether we are rich or poor, we are a religious guru or a politicians, a film start or a sportsman, luck is with all, it follows you, be with you, helps you, brings in challenges for you.

Let us today understand on what this LUCK is all about. So that we know a little more about what every one of us have but we do not realise it. Let us first before any or all things to be understood, understand the meaning of luck. Luck is defined as an unpredictable and purposeless phenomenon which occurs to give favourable or unfavourable conditions to a group of person or to an individual. So in other words luck is a chance which gives force to good or bad things that might happen without any extra force or beyond anyone's control. Even in many verses of the BIBLE, luck is defined and is so defined as the will of GOD. Yes, the bible defines luck as the will of GOD, and what GOD wants to do with us.

In 2 chronicles 18:33 it is defined clearly on how God wills acts to bring upon death to King Ahab. In another verse Ruth 2:3 of the bible it defines on how a widow is helped by a person when she was frustrated and dying to live a life and support her widow mother. Not only in the old testament but also in the new testament luck is defined as God's will which can be active or passive, but is after all God's will which HE controls and HE wants to happen with a group of people or to an individual is defined as luck. Hence we can also say that luck is a chance made by GOD for a group of people or for an individual which can bring in good or bad for a person.

We have heard lot of people saying that they are lucky and on the other hand we have also heard lot of people saying that they are unlucky. Let us now see why people say they are lucky or unlucky. In a random test taken by few well known authors who defined luck, it was found that a set of people who considered them lucky were more upfront, had eye contact while communicating, had a smile in their face always, were more out spoken and lively, met lot of people and interacted by almost all whom they met. Wherein it was a complete vice versa with those who considered themselves to be unlucky. Looking into this perspective we can sum up that it is the positive energy that makes people feel lucky than those who feel unlucky.

So to conclude we understand that luck is nothing but a chance given to us by GOD himself which might give us good results or bad results, provided we also find that the good result of luck comes to people who have positive aura and that the bad result comes to people who have got negative aura around them. Hence if we want to be lucky like the lots who consider them to be lucky, then all we need to have faith and keep our aura positive and clean. Do well to others, be good to one, think good things and we will see that even GOD thinks the good for us and thus good and lucky things happen to us. Following all this will give us a better chance of being lucky.

Now when we all know of what luck is, and how to be lucky, let us follow the steps in our daily life to be lucky, to make sure that luck is always in our favour. Be positive be lucky is the goal to be lucky. Be luck with you. Copyright 2006-2020