The Virgo woman love personality

Learn how to attract and keep with you the Virgo woman you love

General love traits of the Virgo woman

The Virgo zodiac sign provides a huge contingent of single and solitary persons, and this not due to chance or hazard. The typical Virgo woman is rather reserved when it comes to love. Her emotional impulses are often hindered by her reason or her critical sense. The Virgo woman instinctively stays away from the excesses of passion. Once can also see in her personality a mixture of cynicism and inferiority complex, from which she defends and protects herself by irony and indifference.

Her modesty, her mistrust, and her love of silence do not foster a communication to which the Virgo woman often appears to be reluctant. If she speaks, it is certainly not to debate about intimate or sensitive matters. The Virgo woman defends herself against any intrusion, and she is afraid to be asked for outward manifestations, which she is not capable of.

On the other hand, this woman is not ready to settle for "anything". Highly selective, she prefers solitude to an association with a partner with whom she doesn’t match. The Virgo woman is not allergic to marriage by conviction, but she waits for the ideal partner to engage with him forever. Sometimes yet, contrary to her well-established habits, she will multiply short affairs while waiting for the great love.

When she is married, the Virgo woman tends to live next to her husband but not with him. Of course she does her part of marital duties and she is concerned about the education of her children. But there are things that she does not share. The danger of being married with a Virgo woman is that at a certain age, she may only share with her husband the TV evenings…

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Very modest and internalized, the Virgo woman cannot help thinking that large effusions have something a little ridiculous. Yet, at times, powerful planetary influences will explode her normal security barriers and push her to have fun. At these times, if she does not find pleasure and well-being with her partner, the Virgo woman might be unfaithful even if that’s not one of her habits.

But in any case, the Virgo woman will perpetuate her infidelities in deep secrecy. She is justifying herself by ensuring she does not want her partner to suffer. That’s because she profoundly respects her couple, or at least the remaining façade of it. She may however love the same man forever if he has the ability - or love - to admire her and constantly strengthen her self-confidence, and to give her a cozy and protected life.

My advices to seduce, date, and keep the Virgo woman

Very modest and internalized, the Virgo woman is a reserved being who is very often on the defensive. She hates to spread her feelings and she cannot help thinking that public effusions of love and tenderness are not natural. If you hope that your Virgo woman will literally jump on you when you are back from work in the evening, or after a few days of absence, you may wait a very long time!

However, you can count on her to save her energy for your home. But she does not have great physical strength and, as she is still very active, the Virgo woman may be very much on the nerves. Unfortunately, in times of stress or fatigue, it is difficult for her to control her common sense and remain as wise as usual! Because of her great sense of observation, she knows how to hurt someone... and her lovers are often her favorite targets!

To maintain love in your relationship with the Virgo woman, you better keep things going harmoniously, especially when, from time to time, powerful planetary influences will explode the security gates of your Virgo woman and will push her to be slightly mad. If she does not find pleasure and well-being with you, she might go look for the ideal lover elsewhere.


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