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The Virgo man love personality

Learn how to attract and keep with you the Virgo man you love

General love traits of the Virgo man

The Virgo zodiac sign provides a strong group of solitary and single men. It’s not by chance. On the one hand, the Virgo man is distrusting, on the other hand, he requires much from his lovers. He is not ready to share his love life with "anyone". Moreover, the Virgo man fears of being cheated, betrayed, and abandoned. And perhaps even more he fears of being dishonored, invaded, or that his partner asks for outward manifestations of feelings, which he is not capable. His modesty, his love of silence does not encourage him to communicate easily with his entourage. If he talks, it is to discuss all issues except those who are intimate and profound. The Virgo man protects himself against any intrusion and rejects excessive passion. As he ages, his nature improves and he will then start to confide more about his feelings.

When he marries, the Virgo man tends to live next to his wife and not with her. It is his duty to ensure the livelihood of the family and he is very concerned about the education of his children. But there are some matters you can’t discuss with him. It makes frustrated women, dissatisfied lovers, until his household explodes ... When the Virgo man stays with the same woman for long, he may have only crosswords evening, television, and household accounts in common with his partner!

The Virgo man is very often sincere, otherwise he makes moves in deep secrecy. The justification he gives for these little secrets is that he doesn’t want his wife to suffer. That’s because he respects his family and household. However, the Virgo man may love the same woman for a very long time if she has the ability - or love - to admire him and constantly strengthen his self-confidence, to create for the couple a cozy and protected life.

My advices to seduce, date, and keep the Virgo man

Very modest and internalized, the Virgo man is a reserved being who often has a very defensive personality. He hates to spread his feelings in front of everyone and cannot help thinking that large effusions are ridiculous. If you hope that he embraces you and covers you with furious kisses when the night falls, or after a few days of absence, you may wait a long time! However, you can count on him to save his energy for your family.

Yet, the Virgo man does not possess a great physical strength and, as he is still very active, his nervous sanity can break, bringing him into great depression. Unfortunately, in times of stress or exhaustion, he can hardly control his mind and loses his critical sense. Because of his keen ability for observation, he knows how to choose the women that will fall for him.

You better maintain a harmonious climate between the Virgo man and you, especially when, from time to time, strong planetary influences pushes your partner to have fun. If he does not find pleasure and well-being with you at these times, he could get them elsewhere…