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The Taurus woman love personality

Learn how to attract and keep with you the Taurus woman you love

General love traits of the Taurus woman

The Taurus woman can be sensual but she generally remains insensitive to romance. She ignores or hates the game of love, the subtleties of heart, and the follies of passion. She tends to regard as superficial all these love stories filling literature and cinema.

For her, love is just something nice, but marriage is something extremely serious. And on this chapter, the Taurus woman is not kidding. She makes her choice carefully, without unnecessary haste: the Taurus woman weighs pros and cons before she finally takes her final decision and chose the man she will share her life with. If there are obstacles, she’s able to work hard to overcome these problems. Her husband and children are sacred to the Taurus woman.

Stable and faithful, she never embarks on a love story without considering every detail of the relationship, including the material and sentimental sides. Her ailments are slow to awake, but they are powerful and are constantly deepening with time. The Taurus woman often shows a lack of imagination, it rarely comes to her mind to try to make her love stories a bit less mundane, to vary, to beautify, and to sublimate them.

Once she is assured with the loved one’s tenderness and fidelity, the Taurus woman does envelop him with a very warm affection and do anything to please him. Then she becomes capable of the greatest sacrifices to sustain her love and give to her partner all the comfort, welfare and access to the pleasures of life that she appreciates too.

The Taurus woman hardly bears celibacy. And she hates loneliness as well as an unofficial union. For her, there is only one way to prove her love: a conventional and traditional marriage! On the other hand, very committed to the concept of family, she does not either imagine her life without children. The Taurus woman is therefore one of these women who are not afraid to marry young and have many kids. And so, if the circumstances lead her to live single, she is inconsolable.

Having good educative skills, the Taurus woman attends conscientiously and carefully her children and prepare them for adult life. In any case, she likes to feel herself as the center of a big united and happy family and she is naturally proud of her loved ones.

My advices to seduce, date, and keep the Taurus woman

“Duration and stability”: this could be the motto of the native of Taurus. Deeply hostile to what is ephemeral, superficial, the Taurus woman is tenacious, persevering, and she builds her happiness step by step, day after day. Realistic, lucid, also suspicious, she knows very well how to make allowances and attaches importance to real values. If you try to dazzle her, she will simply turn her back away from you! In order to make your union with a Taurus woman sustainable, you must bet on the authenticity and quality of your relationship.

With the concrete sense that characterizes her, she always tries to be useful. She is a very intentioned lover and you can benefit from her experience. She wants to feel indispensable. If by chance you play the card of autonomy and independence, nothing will detach her from you more than that!

Also, remember that sensuality plays a crucial role for this voluptuous and fleshy creature the Taurus woman is. If there is not a profound physical understanding between you two, serious problems will occur sooner or later in your relationship. Moreover the Taurus woman is extremely possessive. Be careful not to reinforce her desire to exercise a tyrannical authority due to her hate for adultery. If you want to find out how an irritated Taurus woman behaves, then tickle her jealousy!