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The Scorpio woman love personality

Learn how to attract and keep with you the Scorpio woman you love

General love traits of the Scorpio woman

It must be said once and for all: the Scorpio woman is a passionate being. But her love life is not always easy. Woe to him who falls into her claws without knowing what kind of lover the Scorpio woman is: an expert in the subtle game of executioner and victim. She needs to possess entirely the loved one. Her love is absolute, but also very troubled and complicated, and it may cross successive conflicts, rifts, cries of hatred and passion. In addition, the Scorpio woman is extremely jealous, and she can be sometimes a little sadistic. In short, she loves roller coasters! A relationship with her is likely to be the clash of two wills if she does not bind with a very accommodating and very peaceful man.

Her sexuality can cause powerful inner turmoil or inhibitions. When founding a peaceful, quiet and stable home, she happens to be freed from her complex. Like said before, the love life of a Scorpio woman is never simple or linear. At certain periods of her existence, she boasts of being a bachelorette. Then at other times, she forcefully defends the principles of a very traditional couple. And she’s doing so without ever seeming to be in contradiction with herself. But sooner or later the Scorpio woman will find the need to live in harmony and to share everything with a partner.

Physical love plays a major role in her emotional behavior. The Scorpio woman can be readily guided by her sexual instincts and soon after that, love feelings - even passion – may raise inside her heart.

The Scorpio woman has the sense of family and wants to have children, although a few ones only. She appreciates the family gatherings and family vacations are something she enjoys a lot. The role of family’s chief - or even clan chief – is perfect for her. But it is preferable that her children are not too stubborn and undisciplined or she may turn into a real tyrant!

My advices to seduce, date, and keep the Scorpio woman

With a sense of secrecy pushed to the extreme, the Scorpio woman does not reveal herself completely, not even to her lover. This attitude is common to Scorpio natives of all ages. Moreover, the Scorpio woman thinks that a part of mystery is the best way to keep awake her lover’s interest and desire, because she is attracted by enigmatic relationships herself.

In addition, fearing to be totally dependent to someone, the Scorpio woman hardly recognizes how much she is attached to her lover. Acting like that, she thinks she exercises an absolute power on her partner. In her views, relations between human beings are based on power relations, and she wants to remain the one that dominates. You would be wrong, however, to let you lock in what may turn into a dangerous trap. In this game of cat and mouse, the Scorpio woman is so strong that you will not have a single chance to win. So, let her play this game alone!

On your side, bet on authenticity. She will understand that you love her without calculation, and then you will make her trust you. This attitude is particularly recommended for times when your Scorpio woman is experiencing a compelling need to live in harmony with you, away from emotional complications.