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The Scorpio man love personality

Learn how to attract and keep with you the Scorpio man you love

General love traits of the Scorpio man

It must be said immediately that the Scorpio man is a passionate being. But his passion is not easy. Woe to her who falls into his trap without knowing what she is exposing to, i.e. subtle games between executioner and victim. The Scorpio man likes the tears of the woman he loves. He likes "the power of life or death" he has on her, this art of plunging her into depths of despair or bringing her to peaks of love excitement. His relationships are often successive conflicts, disputes, joys, and screams of hatred or passion. Basically, the Scorpio man loves roller coasters!

It is not always easy for women to know the exact nature of his feelings. The Scorpio man exerts its charm with a powerful force of seduction. The physical love plays a major role in his sentimental behavior. He can be willingly guided by his instincts, and soon the love feelings - even passion - born inside his heart. The sensitivity of the Scorpio man can also make him suffer lead him to love disappointments. But once his choice is done, provided that he dominates himself, it will be very nice to share his life.

The Scorpio man can fall in love several times in his life. His temperament does not always inspire him to restrain his natural impulses. His married life ma y suffer from this personality trait, especially if he marries young.

The Scorpio man has the sense of family and wants to have a progeny, although small one. He enjoys family meetings and the family vacations are not to displease him. The role of family leader - or even clan chief - fits very well with his personality. But it is preferable that his children are not too stubborn and unruly or he might react violently, be it verbally or physically.

My advices to seduce, date, and keep the Scorpio man

Gifted with a sense of secrecy pushed to the extreme, your Scorpio man never shows off his true nature, not even to you. This attitude is common to the Scorpio natives of all ages. Your Scorpio lover thinks that mystery is the best way to keep alive your interest and desire. Moreover, because of his fear to be abandoned and to lose the couple’s control, he carefully refuses to recognize how he is attached to you. The Scorpio man thinks he exercise an absolute power on his partner. According to him, relations between human beings are based on strength, and he’s ready to do anything to remain the one who dominates the other.

You would be wrong, however, to play this game with him. He’s winning all the time and if exceptionally he loses, be sure that he may never forgive you to contest his authority! Let him play this cat and mouse game alone and try to find underhanded schemes to make him approve your points of view.

When in love with a Scorpio man, bet all on authenticity. He will realize that you profoundly love him, and then you will make him trust you. This attitude is particularly important during periods when the Scorpio man gets a compelling need to live in harmony with you, far from sentimental complications.