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The Sagittarius woman love personality

Learn how to attract and keep with you the Sagittarius woman you love

General love traits of the Sagittarius woman

The direct way that fully characterizes the Sagittarius woman is almost always visible in her behavior: putting franchise on the top of everything, she cannot be dissuaded to be direct and sincere by the fear of causing pain or suffering. Thus, she will have no qualms about admitting to her partner that she wants to end the relationship, no matter how strongly she has loved him before.

The Sagittarius woman has a clear preference for fugitive love affairs because she cannot tolerate her relationships to be an obstacle to her independence and freedom. Her feelings are romantic and strange at the same time. The instability reigns within all her relationships and she successively alternates between indecision and attraction. But when she is finally decided to settle down, the Sagittarius woman will be very conscientious wife and mother.

Because of her steadfast optimism and joie de vivre, the status of being single or unmarried does not affect her at all, even if it is not a choice. Furthermore, she hates too binding ties. Therefore, the Sagittarius woman may be part of these happy singles who do not mind to intensely enjoy all the pleasures available - until stabilization arrives.

When in love, the Sagittarius woman is fully invested in the relationship: she lives through the other and responds to any of his demands. But when she doesn’t love anymore, do not ask her to provide an effort: she will no longer be able to make any single compromise and will try to get back her independence step by step. In other words, the Sagittarius woman has the power to get rid of a relationship when she wants.

In love, she is quick to fall for someone or to break up when disappointed. The Sagittarius woman may be prone to fall in love at first sight, and it is rare that she knows only one great love in her life. She can also happen to commit infidelity, but she will always come back home if she still loves the same man, and will then ask to be forgiven as she could forgive herself. Each couple may experience conflicts. In her relationships, the differences that involve religious or ideological rivalries, class or professional differences are extremely dangerous. Some convergence of views and attitudes are essential the survival of the couple.

My advices to seduce, date, and keep the Sagittarius woman

This enthusiastic, warm and expansive woman likes the action, movement, and does not stay in place. To feel good in her skin, she needs space and freedom whatever her age is. If you want to establish good relations with a Sagittarius woman, it is essential to respect her need for freedom. Needless to say, the native of this zodiac sign is not well suited to a married life! But it is only by respecting her independence that you may be able to keep her by your side.

And then, when she’s happy, the Sagittarius woman radiates and provides a lot of joy around her. You'll be the first to benefit from that. To maintain this atmosphere of joy and enthusiasm, you must arrange to never let routine and habits settled in your life together. As often as possible, make small lovers trips: and you don’t need to leave at the other side of the world to feel a change of scenery. You better have a good imagination to vary the daily humdrum and keep your Sagittarius woman joyful.

Sometimes your wife will feel the need to cast off, and if you give her a monotonous life, no surprises: be sure that she won’t be satisfied with this! A good way to strengthen your relationship and complicity with a Sagittarius woman is to help her carry out projects which she cares for a lot.


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