Compatibility between Sagittarius and Leo

Find out how the Sagittarius and Leo Zodiac Signs match together

The pair of a Sagittarius and a Leo is usually a love match with considerable amounts of warmth and romance. Both of these zodiac signs are animated, enthusiastic, energetic and full of gusto and verve. Thus, when such two individuals come together, the result is positively vivacious. The love compatibility of a Leo and a Sagittarius generally ensures happiness. The light and playful attitude of a Sagittarius works well in handling the occasional angry dark side of the Leo by not taking it too seriously. However, the flippant behavior of a Sagittarius may cause problems in grave situations thus bruising the pregnable pride of the Leo.

The Leo is widely loyal, honest and faithful and tends to form strong attachments to relationships. The Sagittarius, contrastingly, is primarily flighty and flirtatious and allows himself the luxury of letting his eyes wander freely. Although both parties share a common zest for life, the over-emphasis of freedom and a constant need for space on the part of the Sagittarius may spark the jealously and possessiveness from the Leo. This can cause delicate problems between these two zodiac signs. Nevertheless, if they can find a way to settle it, all should work just fine and what would follow is complete bliss.

Sagittarius Woman and Leo Man

The love match of a Leo Man and Sagittarius Woman does ensure potential for success and is certainly compatible. Their union promotes understanding and strongly values each other’s good qualities. As both of them are intrepid and open to new exciting experiences, boredom would rarely find room amongst the Sagittarius woman and the Leo man. As both parties are extroverts, socializing and being in company of people will please them both equally. The downside here is that both are considerable attention-seekers. To overcome this problem the Leo man and the Sagittarius woman will have to find a way to satiate each one’s appetite for the limelight.

Sagittarius Man and Leo Woman

The thing that attracts a Leo woman to a Sagittarius man is his spiritedness, vivaciousness and verve. As both are effortlessly ardent and passionate, they would always keep the sparking chemistry between them alive. This will ensure a lasting romance. The Leo woman will definitely have to learn to keep the Sagittarius man’s coquettish and flirtatious behaviour in check as that could provide the base for problems to surface. This love match between a Sagittarius man and a Leo woman has a small number of roadblocks, which if settled, would make for a very amorous relationship. Otherwise it is one of the most exciting, exhilarating and joyous relationship that would emanate exuberance and constant excitement.


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