Compatibility between Sagittarius and Gemini

Find out how the Sagittarius and Gemini Zodiac Signs match together

Both Gemini and Sagittarius have an avid enthusiasm about life. They are people in constant movement who are always in action. It is hard for them to remain still and attach themselves to a single person on a long term basis. Moreover, these two zodiac signs are an unstoppable force ceaselessly travelling while facing life’s unpredictable events. Gemini and Sagittarius share a desire to try out different things every day, often moving to new places. Moreover, making concessions to accommodate to new situations is a personality trait that these two zodiac signs have in common and upon which they may make their union thrilling. The Sagittarius has a cerebral approach to life which contrasts with the Gemini’s inattentive manner to deal with issues.

A Gemini cannot be bothered with backing up causes while the archer likes to get a knee deep into the nitty gritty details of various initiatives. At times, the Sagittarius lover experiences some really odd dreams that fascinate the Gemini. Their conflicting nature takes a positive spin as it enables them to widen both heir range of interests and points of views. The ability of the Gemini and Sagittarius to change themselves to fit into the others’ mould solves any hurdles that may crop up between these two. They have a healthy regard for the other’s space and do not attempt to encroach this revered zone.

Sagittarius Woman and Gemini Man

The spark between a Gemini man and a Sagittarius Woman can grow into a burning flame only if both sides relent to conform a bit. They are at ease with everyone and love to chat up a storm; this freedom forms the core of their mutual desire for each other. The Sagittarius woman’s self confidence may require an occasional boost which the Gemini man can give as he tends to be very intelligent in his dealing of affairs. The Sagittarius female is a friendly woman who enjoys the Gemini man’s comforts of a warm home and wild celebrations. When they match together, these two zodiac signs are known for their red hot anger and they frequently resort to scornful insults when provoked. This escalates the state of things to an extremely inflammable situation. In short, if there is only little love in their relationship, it will be difficult for the Gemini man and the Sagittarius woman to match with each other.

Sagittarius Man and Gemini Woman

If all else fails a Gemini woman and a Sagittarius man can always fall back on the ability to exchange their views freely and with abandon. These two zodiac signs are gifted with an extremely witty take on life’s events and can engross themselves in mutual purposeful talk. The Gemini woman can be very coy and is not above using seduction to have her way with men; a feature that alarms the poor Sagittarius man. An intellectual connection is easily established; however stronger feelings take a long time to settle for both the zodiac signs. Any outward display of their affection is a hurdle they jointly face, which often poses some strain on their harmony and love. An earnest attempt at resolving their disputes can result in a complete beautiful symphony of the Sagittarius man and the Gemini woman.


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