Compatibility between Sagittarius and Cancer

Find out how the Sagittarius and Cancer Zodiac Signs match together

A Cancer and Sagittarius love match would be a tug of war relationship. The Cancer would be pulling the Sagittarius into the liaison, and the archer would be struggling for freedom. The Sagittarius is known for his free will and impulsive nature, often uncaring for the other. The Cancer on the other hand is more family oriented, acting as the anchor and keeping the couple in touch with their family and friends. This might be a difficult relationship to pull through especially when the Sagittarius is constantly on the lookout for novelty in all the spheres of his life. Flirting is in his nature and that makes the Cancer insecure as the natives of this zodiac sign enter a relationship with a fervour that can be best described by a want for a lasting sanctuary in the arms of their lover.

Yet, all hope is not lost. The relationship between Cancer and Sagittarius zodiac signs require some sacrifices and some adjustments from both side. The Cancer needs to understand that even though his partner is flirtatious, his acts won’t unfold into infidelity; the Sagittarius needs to make time for the old as well as new people for his partner. Curbing his natural instincts to constantly be on a look out for attention may also help.

Sagittarius Woman and Cancer Man

This relationship has a fair chance of being successful if both of them put in that extra effort. The Cancer man has to go out of his comfort zone and explore the world with his Sagittarius woman and for her. On the other hand, the Sagittarius woman would have to embrace his personal space and let him into hers. The Cancer man would have to limit his natural distrust while she brings in new people into their lives or strives for more independence as freedom is definitely a trait of the Sagittarius woman’s nature. The Sagittarius woman would have to consciously take charge of the family life and make her Cancer man feel more wanted and an integral part of her independent being.

Sagittarius Man and Cancer Woman

The pairing of the free willed Sagittarius man with the more docile and romantic Cancer woman isn’t the best pair in fact, and it is better to avoid such a horoscope love match. The initial passion felt by the firm and spontaneous Sagittarius man will gradually turn to anger and later resentment as he moves from one new interest to another. His attractive behaviour will not cease even when he is committed to his Cancer woman. That needs to be handled with care, and the Cancer woman, forever seeking stability and protection, might not be the best person to be put in this situation.


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