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The Sagittarius man love personality

Learn how to attract and keep with you the Sagittarius man you love

General love traits of the Sagittarius man

In his love life, the Sagittarius man needs to feel in agreement with the loved one and share with her ideas, projects, and taste for adventure and movement. The Sagittarius man is more sensual than sentimental. Influenced by the Yang principle, he is gifted with a passionate and expansive nature. But if he is actually subject to passions, they are usually of short duration. His curiosity and his need for freedom push him to have fleeting love-stories only. If he is married, it may be the same, but his values and conscience prevent him from parading with his occasional partners. Discretion is the Sagittarius man’s mark.

He hates simulation, falsehood and hypocrisy, and is unable to feign feelings he doesn’t have for real. When his feelings are gone, the Sagittarius man doesn’t hesitate to abandon his partner. Yet, he will show the delicacy and kindness required in this type of situation for he doesn’t want his ex to suffer. When he truly loves someone, the Sagittarius man is completely invested in the relationship: he is a very complementary, tender, and devoted lover. But when he doesn’t love the person anymore, don’t expect him to make an effort to feign his feelings are not gone. In other words, he has this ability to get rid of a relationship pretty fast.

The Sagittarius man has a reliable family leader. He imposes his authority smoothly, and it does not even come to his mind that he could be challenged inside his house. After all, the Sagittarius man simply wants to build a happy family around him so there is no good reason to contest his leadership actually.

There is a duality in him, which results on two aspects of his personality: on the one hand, the Sagittarius man feels reassured when sweet routine rhythms his life. On the other hand, he likes to invite his friends for dinner or get out with them, and leads a life away from home which is more or less secret. It is also common that the Sagittarius man alternates between these two lifestyles.Despite little affairs possible, the Sagittarius man knows how to be good husband and father. He has a sense of responsibility and whatever could happen, he will never abandon his family. Even after a divorce, he keeps a deep tenderness and affection for his ex wife.

My advices to seduce, date, and keep the Sagittarius man

This enthusiastic, warm and expansive man likes action, movement, and does bear to stay at the same place. To feel relieved, the Sagittarius man needs space and freedom at any age. If you want to establish good relations with a Sagittarius man, it is essential to respect his need for freedom. Needless to say, this zodiac sign is not very suitable for a completely common life! But it is only if you respect his independence that you will keep him.

When happy, the Sagittarius man radiates and provides a lot of joy around him. You'll be the first to benefit from it. To maintain this atmosphere of gaiety and enthusiasm, be sure to never let routine and habits run your life together. Remember that even if he likes a comfortable and peaceful lifestyle, the Sagittarius man needs changes from time to time to this dual personality I mentioned above. So, whenever possible, spend a lovers’ week-end. He doesn’t need to visit paradisiacal islands to feel a sense of scenery. Countryside pleases him as well.

You better show imagination to vary the daily humdrum. Sometimes your Sagittarius man feels the need to loosen the moorings, and if you give him a monotonous life without surprises, be sure he won’t be satisfied! A good way to strengthen your relationship and complicity with him is to assist in carrying out the projects he cares for.

Each couple has conflicts of its own, but with the Sagittarius man, the differences of views involving religious or ideological convictions are extremely dangerous. With this zodiac sign which is attached to intellectual and moral values, a certain parallelism between you and him is essential.