The Pisces woman love personality

Learn how to attract and keep with you the Pisces woman you love

General love traits of the Pisces woman

Love plays a major role in the Pisces woman’s life. It is not always easy to love her because, through some aspects of her personality, she remains a bit mysterious. The enigmatic side of the Pisces zodiac sign represents at the same time her charm and her negative side, since ther mysterious trait makes it more difficult to know her deeply.

The Pisces woman has a great need for affection and love, but she is not always able to distinguish truth from falsehood. You can seduce a Pisces woman thanks to her feeling, because she is quite weak and impressionable. As she pleases very much to the opposite sex, it’s often without any intention that she provokes love at first sight in the heart of the persons around her. The passion she has once raised among others won’t lapse in their lifetime.

Very attractive, with her mystifying glance, the Pisces woman can usually bring to her love life a touch of poetry and delicacy that delight her lovers. In the early days of her love, she excels in the art of being a delicate and discreet seductress, which may touch the person she wants, provided she managed to dominate the shyness that often squeeze her. Indeed, the fear of being rejected frequently pushes her to be reluctant to declare her feelings, and she need encouragement to do so.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult for the Pisces woman to show her love, and so she may be confined in a secret and sterile passion. In all cases, the Pisces woman is a great romantic: her feelings are absolute and she shows profound sensitivity. Nothing is lukewarm in her: she lives her sentimental experiences in romantic intensity, delirium, and drama. In general, the relationships in which the Pisces woman is involved are unstable or take place in scrambled conditions or sudden reversals. There could be several unions or marriages during her lifetime, and each of these may change the course of her destiny.

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Living day after day at the side of the one she loves does is her most ardent desire. The Pisces woman needs to give and to receive tenderness to feel at ease. That is why being single, such a woman cannot be happy!

My advices to seduce, date, and keep the Pisces woman

If you want to conquer a Pisces woman, you will have to take things in hand. Shy and quiet, the Pisces woman takes very rarely the initiative of the seduction game. Even worse: she can watch you turn around her for several days without understanding what you want! Result: If you do not go quite frankly with her, nothing will happen!

At the same time, the Pisces woman abhors coarseness and brutality. It’s up to you to find out how to be subtle and specific, concrete and refined at the same time... With her, debate about topics she likes such as paranormal, poetry, music, or God. When she is confident with you, the Pisces woman will confide you her love desires and romantic dreams.

Very emotional, the Pisces woman is a being of instinct and intuition. However, it is difficult for her to formulate into words what she feels. For her, some silences are even more eloquent than many words. But this attitude could lead to communication problems between you two. Be careful and learn how to decode the silences of your Pisces woman to understand what she feels.

Note that a Pisces woman needs so much to believe in love that she may be inclined to embellish reality. Thus, she may give you personality traits that you do not have, so that you resemble the ideal character she has in mind. So, beware of the disaster if the reality eventually catches you up and if you fall from your pedestal!

Sometimes, however, the Pisces woman wants to go out of her dreams and then she becomes down to earth. If you then prove her that a real man is more exciting and less frustrating than a movie hero, there are good chances to keep your Pisces woman with you for a long lasting relationship!

Do not forget to consider the extreme need of protection she has. The Pisces woman is tender, attentive, sensitive, sensual and very anxious to please. But she can be also lost in her own dreams, subject to internal fluctuations you sometimes find it hard to accept and understand. Do not be too harsh, and give her the understanding and the care that she needs to flourish.

And if you want to captivate your Pisces woman, create some moments full of an atmosphere outside of time, which may make her think the world she lives in is strange and wonderful, such as the stories she is fond of.


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