Compatibility between Pisces and Leo

Find out how the Pisces and Leo Zodiac Signs match together

The relationship between a Pisces and a Leo is beyond personality disagreements and gender conflicts. The most remarkable quality that facilitates a healthy relationship between these two zodiac sign is the altruistic nature of the Pisces. It also acts as a perfect soil for Leo’s self-centred tendency and boundless craving for a celebrity status. In this love match, the Pisces works to achieve both and once accomplished, chooses to remain behind the stage. Motivated and exhausted by the Pisces’ sacrifice, Leo just goes on and on.

There will be no verbal wars, no personal attacks and certainly no disagreement and dissatisfaction between them. Though the Pisces would love to pamper Leo with all the support and encouragement and keep prodding Leo ahead, Pisces are not outwardly expressive with their feelings by nature. In order to keep the love equation balanced, Leo will have to get down from his perch and spend considerable time and effort to explore Pisces’ desires and satisfy him/her. Since both Leo and Pisces are capable of directing each other, the relationship may get into problems in case one person goes overdriven.

Pisces Woman and Leo Man

The love match between a Pisces woman and Leo man will be absolutely free of prejudices. The Pisces woman will know the Leo man’s strengths and weaknesses. With that thorough knowledge as a strength, she will exercise her concealed yet overwhelming potential to make the Leo man climb to the top. The problem is that the Pisces woman might not be wielding her wisdom in an intelligent way. In the long run, she might also be offended by Leo’s sexism. This stresses upon the fact that the Leo man will have to pause to pay attention to his Pisces lady. Also, if the Pisces woman is not enough cooperative and meek with her Leo man, then both will start tearing apart each other. If the same elements of individual personalities are applied in the right proportion, then all goes well in this love match.

Pisces Man and Leo Woman

The love match between a Leo woman and a Pisces man has ample reasons to be turbulent. If the Pisces man bears to provide all the attention and appreciation that a Leo woman needs to receive, then the relationship will continue in good terms. On the contrary, if the Pisces man bottles up his terrible feelings and yet shrink the Leo woman within his modest ambitions, then there are chances for rebuttal from the Leo woman. But if handled well, a strong and wilful romance will be the stimulator for the relationship.


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