Compatibility between Pisces and Gemini

Find out how the Pisces and Gemini Zodiac Signs match together

Both a Gemini and a Pisces are sensitive to innovative suggestions and judgments. They are willing to make changes and can be bent easily in making concessions in various conditions. The Gemini and Pisces zodiac signs are not obstinate about their ideas and show a refreshing acceptance of contradictory perceptions. To summarize the romantic elements of this union, a Gemini is practical and conducts his life with indisputable logic. On the other hand, a Pisces views the world through his rose tinted glasses where everything appears in its utopian state.

The verbal exchanges between a Pisces and a Gemini may not have profound meaning and often do not result in definite conclusions due to the Pisces’s inability to express himself clearly. The Pisces will contribute to the mutual attraction with his vast knowledge in worldly matters and the Gemini can learn a thing or two from the Pisces’s keenly and familiar sense of others feelings. Their interpretation of life’s mysteries is an antithesis, and it is difficult for them to find a common ground upon which they can agree. Hence, a conscientious care has to be taken so that the two zodiac signs are in sync with each other. If they don’t pay attention to this, this may lead to intense sorrow for both of them.

Pisces Woman and Gemini Man

Romantically, a Gemini man and a Pisces woman will be incompatible as they have many conflicting fundamental ideologies. The Gemini man tastes will differ from one day to another, and very few things hold his attention for long periods of time. The Pisces woman’s suffering will be palpable when the Gemini man shows a blind eye to the traits he once used to adore in her. The Gemini man has abhorrence to profound psychological bonds, while a Pisces woman is forever looking for an affectionate partner to protect her from life’s insecurity. This undying need of the Pisces woman will definitely asphyxiate the Gemini man and fill him with aversion.

Pisces Man and Gemini Woman

A love match between a Gemini woman and a Pisces man will require a huge amount of effort and compromise from both parties. The indefinable sadness and shyness that is a part of the Pisces man will provoke the Gemini woman into making the first move in almost every circumstance. It will not be long before the dissimilarities in their personalities cause problems. The ease with which the Gemini woman communicates to express her innermost emotions will be at war with the Pisces man’s inability to verbalize his feelings. The Gemini woman expresses herself with an acid tone that may leave him with a great sense of bereavement. Only her constant attention and reassurance and his attempt to improve himself at lengthy meaningful discussions will make this horoscope love match a satisfying union.


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