Compatibility between Pisces and Cancer

Find out how the Pisces and Cancer Zodiac Signs match together

You might think how a Pisces and a Cancer survive in the real world together? After all, for both zodiac signs, rationality doesn’t hold the highest post. For them, the heart rules life. Emotions take the forefront and logic, the back seat. Cancer and Pisces get along pretty well together as they enjoy the good things in life. Discipline and reasoning don’t hold their interests; they would prefer an evening out to listen to the latest symphony in town or the ballet maybe. The anchor to the world for this love match would undoubtedly be the Pisces, as this zodiac sign is, we might say, relatively more embracing to the world than his Cancer partner. This couple has an excess of romance and adventure in their love life as both are in tune with each other’s needs and wants. The relationship never fades away even if their personalities differ because the bond they form by their reciprocated consideration and affection for each other is held strong when tested.

To make a successful relationship of the two parallel personalities, one has to be more in tune with the world at large, and the other can play the role of the lover and care taker. Although their personalities are not so well balanced, Pisces and Cancer natives manage well together with the emphasis being on reciprocation of love and loyalty.

Pisces Woman and Cancer Man

Well, we’ve established that the Pisces woman would be worldlier than the man. So the Cancer man becomes the passionate lover, showering his Pisces lover with affection and care. This fairy tale romance is secured with the passion of the Pisces woman. There is no lack of loyalty in this love match as both are present with fervour. Their amorous wanting is mutual, and their devotion shared. Nothing seems to rock the love boat on which the duo plan to take a ride.

Pisces Man and Cancer Woman

The love compatibility between the Cancer woman and the Pisces woman would find it rather difficult to make it in the real world, as the Pisces is the ardent lover here. He will be Mr. Right in every possible way for the little girl who dreamed of one. On the other hand, the Cancer woman will be the caring wife, lovingly supporting her Pisces man in all his endeavours. The couple between these two zodiac signs may be a fairy tale, deeply engrossed in one another, unmindful of their environment. The stars might be with them and the heavens bless them. But it is in this world that they have to make an effort to live harmoniously and have to shield their relationship.


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