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The Pisces man love personality

Learn how to attract and keep with you the Pisces man you love

General love traits of the Pisces man

In love, the Pisces man is not a great conqueror. Shy, he shows difficulties to take a decision. He would satisfy with platonic loves, which would prevent him from engaging and face reality. He cares for his freedom as the pupil of his eyes, and he’s sometimes afraid to be definitively attached to someone. The Pisces man does not flaunt his love life: he is discreet and does not boast about his female conquests.

Living with the Pisces man can be pretty original. Full of contradictions, he needs a woman who set him free from anxiety and who pays attention to him. The Pisces man has the sense of family because, knowing all members of the family, he doesn’t have to make efforts to be at ease. He will not necessarily organize family meetings, but will participate willingly.

The woman of his dreams does not always know how to behave with the Pisces man. Sometimes he will provide her with sweet attentions, frequent phone calls, love letters or surprise gifts. Sometimes he will retreat without apparent reason in his own world where nobody is invited to enter. The Pisces man needs a partner able to offer him a strong support, to give him a lot of affection, to be romantic when he wants, and especially able to resist the temptation to harass him about his responsibilities, his secret world, or his lack of ambition.

His best qualities are manifested with the children. He is the kind of father playing with them whenever they will want. Hence, they will come to accept his more peaceful moods. From time to time, it may happen to the Pisces man to experience strange attractions and repulsions which he does not try to control, and in the name of which he becomes able to almost all forms of sexual perversions. When in love, the Pisces man feels a visceral need to merge with the loved one. For him, love may be the culmination of all his ideas - devotion, sacrifice, beauty, elevation, but also disenchantment.

The Pisces man may encounter disappointments throughout his love life. In adulthood, his love can hesitant and he is reluctant to short adventures. Living with him is not so easy, because he is a naturally apprehensive person and always seeks assurances that he can’t get to find in himself. For the Pisces man, the emotional and spiritual agreements are at least as important as the mutual physical understanding. In fact, his sensitive and romantic nature pushes him to idealize love. The Pisces man likes mysterious women. The one he loves should never reveal all her secrets if she wants to keep on him a semblance of power.

My advices to seduce, date, and keep the Pisces man

Full of emotions, the Pisces man you love is a being of instinct and intuitions. However, it is difficult for him to formulate into words what he feels. For him, silences can be more eloquent than many words. But this attitude may cause communication problems between you two. Be careful and learn how to decode his reluctance for long speeches to understand what he feels.

Remember also that Pisces natives need to believe in such a perfect love which is inclined to embellish reality. Thus, it’s frequent that a Pisces man assigns to his lover different personality traits that she doesn’t have, so she looks like the ideal partner he has in mind. But beware of the disaster if reality catches you up so that you fall from your pedestal! Sometimes, however, the Pisces man wants to forget his dreams to become more down to earth. You will then have the opportunity to prove him that a real woman is more exciting and less frustrating than novels or movies’ heroines.

The Pisces man is naturally charming, attractive, infinitely sensitive, capable of extraordinary care and tenderness, sensual and a good lover. To marry him, however, is an adventure full of perils. With him, don’t expect security and certainties. His love can go away from one day to another. And then, there is nothing else to do but to abandon the game, accept defeat, and preserve at least a semblance of friendship!

You must also know that the Pisces man will never be invulnerable to temptation and that his dreams can always bring him to some unpredictable fantasy.