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The Libra woman love personality

Learn how to attract and keep with you the Libra woman you love

General love traits of the Libra woman

In love, the Libra woman doesn’t have so much the desire to conquer, but rather the one to please. She succeeds in this enterprise thanks to her kindness, for she demonstrates respect for others, and by a kind of benevolence which tends her to live and let live, avoiding clashes.

If circumstances do not object it, her emotional life begins early and is always busy. There are two reasons to this. First, the Libra woman is very attracted by love experiences and new lovers. She loves to love. On the other hand, because of her attractive charm she is much in demand, often by older partners than her.

Emotions and affection are the main focal point of her life. But her love affairs are usually crossed by storms, reconciliations, and also desire of freedom, even though she cannot stay alone. Just like love, sex plays a major role in her life, although it is rather stimulated by the pleasure of continuous research and the quest of challenge. Thus the woman of the Libra zodiac sign is often considered as a libertine.

For her, nothing is more unbearable than loneliness. If she ever had to choose between a shaky union and single life, the Libra woman would not hesitate to choose the first option. But hopefully it does not push her to catastrophic commitments!

When she is married, the Libra woman has the best of intentions: she hopes to be loyal, to respect her "contract" and to bring happiness to her husband. But in reality, she is not easy to live. Indeed, if she is in love with intensity, passion and romance, she asks in return to be loved with the same force and does not tolerate weak engagement from her partner. And it is often difficult to fully fulfill her requirements.

My advices to seduce, date, and keep the Libra woman

It's quite easy to attract the attention of a Libra woman. But nothing more difficult to keep her! Young or older, lonely or married, the woman of the Libra zodiac sign has an eye that hangs in the search for who might be seduced. And this often means that your Libra woman will wear sexy dresses, will adopt a charming behavior with the members of the opposite sex, and will be ready for any enthusiastic and new adventure.

After initial seduction, things can get tough. Because the Libra woman is very demanding: her credo is beauty; her ideal is perfection. Of course, you can turn it into the ideal lover for a few hours, but it will be difficult to stay perfect unto her eyes unless she really falls in love with you.As the native female of the Libra zodiac sign is easy to live, she naturally appears to be gentle, conciliatory, devoted to your desires, and there is no woman like her to give you such a comfortable existence.

On the other hand, she needs harmony so much that she is ready to make many concessions to keep calm and maintain a climate of entente cordiale with the family. But her art of evasion, her inimitable way to avoid clashes eventually get the nerves balling. And you must probably take a perverse pleasure to add fuel to the fire, pushing your Libra woman into a corner to make her respond and finally make her angry. Attention, this is the last thing to do with her! The Libra woman rejects any form of violence and conflict with those she loves. If this happens, she will feel deeply uncomfortable, and remember that her eyes frequently look at potential preys…

Beware to clash with her when she is a little too charming to men other than you: it is stronger than her: she can’t help seducing persons around her. Sometimes the Libra woman takes a sudden awareness of the time passing by, and she will seek to prove to herself that her powers of seduction have not lost their effectiveness. Instead of letting your jealousy break out, take her to her own trap by showing her that you are always sensitive to her charms. The Libra woman loves to love, but she also loves to be loved!