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The Libra man love personality

Learn how to attract and keep with you the Libra man you love

General love traits of the Libra man

Being loyal to his zodiac sign, the Libra man values a lot love’s satisfaction amongst all the joys of existence. In other words, he is a great lover. His life is based on feelings and emotions.

If circumstances do not object it, the Libra man is quite young when his love life begins and is, at any age, very passionate and dense. There are two reasons to this. On the one hand, the Libra man is very attracted by new love experiences, and he actually constantly seek them for he cannot resist and say “no” to a new adventure or romance. On the other hand, the attractive charm he naturally has makes him to be very in demand, often by older partners than him.

The Libra man is exposed to a complicated heart life if he doesn’t succeed in controlling his passions. But as he is sentimental, he often falls in love and act as in a game where he swings from one partner to another, without knowing exactly where his preference goes. The Libra man promises a lot to each and cares not to hurt his numerous women. He also believes that not even one of his lovers could really abandon him. In any case, the decision to break up will probably come from him, and that is what he wants with all his soul, more or less unconsciously.

The Libra man likes love. His preference goes for very feminine women, a bit mysterious, somewhat inaccessible, and perhaps even haughty or dangerous. According to tradition, the Libra man has not the reputation to be a faithful lover… The least we can say! But his possible affairs are either motivated by an irresistible but ephemeral desire for change, or dictated by his horror to disappoint or to make suffer his various partners. So, iIt would be unfair to accuse him of malice or spite. Basically, he prefers to remain faithful to the woman of his life for which he has a sincere love, but this adventurous trait often comes back.

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It is generally believed that the virility of Libra men is not very assertive, given that this zodiac sign is strongly dominated by the cosmological and feminine Yin principle. It is a mistake many astrologers do, and I must say that I consider things rather differently. If a Libra man is seductive, he is not binding: he hates to press and force his partner to do things she doesn’t like.

Because he somewhat likes conformism, he naturally leads his love like to married life. He believes in couple and in a shared happiness. But it is possible that he enjoys solitude because of a bad experience or mainly because of his work. While he is in love with intensity, passion and romance, the Libra man requires to be loved back with equal force and does not tolerate half-measure in love. He wants to be always present and living in his soul mate’s heart. If one day he feels abandoned, he will suffer severely, and he will detach from this painful relationship. Then he is ready to accept a new love, erasing the past and keeping the good memories only.

My advices to seduce, date, and keep the Libra man

Nice, accommodating, the Libra man would do anything to make you happy, and he will offer her a comfortable existence. On the other hand, he is so badly in need of harmony that he is ready to make the maximum concessions to maintain calm and a climate of “entente cordiale” with the family.

But his art of ducking, his inimitable way to avoid clashes, eventually get the nerves of his partner to explode. If you have a perverse pleasure in pushing him in his own limits to make him angry, be careful! This is the last thing to do with him! A Libra native naturally rejects violence, and conflicts with those he loves are deeply uncomfortable to him, regardless his age.

Beware of creating a dispute if he shows himself a little too charming with other women. You must realize that it’s just stronger than him: the Libra man cannot help charming. Sometimes he suddenly becomes conscious of the time passing by, and he will seek to prove to himself that his powers of seduction have lost none of their effectiveness. Instead of letting your jealousy break out, show him that you are always sensitive to his charm.


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