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The Leo woman love personality

Learn how to attract and keep with you the Leo woman you love

General love traits of the Leo woman

The Leo woman is affectionate, open, charming, and she dreams of living an exceptional love. But she is not always down to earth. Attracted by elegance, distinction, refinement, the Leo woman believes that she will be loved if she can display the same qualities. So, it can be a great deception if her partner does not admire her as much as she would like. She has an imperious need to be admired, adored, and any negligence from her partner leads her to indifference or contempt.

The Leo woman appreciates when the loved one treats her as someone unique, passionately admired, and when her partner completely devotes his life to her. She barely tolerates when her partner has professional ambitions which could hold him away from her, mentally or physically. Therefore, she unconsciously limits the personality of the loved ones. In her married life, the Leo woman is also inclined to impose her own tempo, ideas, and personal concepts.

Generosity and faithfulness are undoubtedly her most appreciated qualities. But we must also mention her pride and self-esteem which are other traits of her personality: the Leo woman always wants to give a radiant image of her for she has a visceral need to be appreciated by others, especially by her partner. That is why she does not support treason. If her partner commits the irreversible error to dishonor her, the Leo woman will immediately sacrifice her feelings because she cannot forgive disdain and betrayal.

It is also quite common to see a Leo woman sacrificing her feelings to promote her ambition. For instance, she may marry someone she doesn’t love but who has a high social status, or she may neglect her partner if her primary concern is the success of her professional career.

My advices to seduce, date, and keep the Leo woman

It makes no doubt that you deeply admire this winner who accumulates success in all areas. And this admiration that she constantly and skillfully feeds is your best ally to bear her taste for authority which, at times, makes her downright tyrannical.

However, do not believe that your heroine is invulnerable. The slightest failure is such an affront to her self-esteem that she simply cannot handle failure. Even if the Leo woman tries by all means to save face, especially in front of her close entourage, any single breakdown shakes her heavily. It is in these moments that you can take advantage of the situation and prove that you are indispensable. Try to be diplomatic because she might rapidly feel offended if your encouragements are not sincere! This attitude will help you keep the love of your Leo woman.

At times, your Leo woman doubts herself and has a great need of your support. Be there to comfort her when she feels down. Anyway, to her, the most important concern is to know that you are her ally and not her rival or enemy.

Very exclusive, the Leo woman spits fire if you make the mistake to provoke her jealousy. She wants to be and to remain the center of the world, full stop!