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The Leo man love personality

Learn how to attract and keep with you the Leo man you love

General love traits of the Leo man

"Superb and generous dragon ": these few words define perfectly well the Leo man’s personality. He likes to protect the woman he loves. For her, he is capable to lift mountains. The Leo man doesn’t only promise her the moon. He actually gives it to her! In return, he asks unalterable admiration, and he wants to be very feminine to ensure that other men envy him to have at his arm a gorgeous and elegant companion. In short, the Leo man asks his woman to be a part of his prestige. The Leo man’s lover mustn’t represent a risk for him to be a rival. The ideal companion is the one who helps him to succeed, and who always needs his help to achieve her personal ambitions!

Ardent lover, very attached to a certain aesthetic and erotic sexual life, the Leo man is generously devoted to his couple. He believes that he makes a kind of good deed when he deigns to grant his favors to the lady of his choice. The Leo man offers himself to his soul mate with kindness and attention. The Leo man shines like the sun. And if sometimes he “burns”, he is sincerely sorry, because he hates to make others suffer. There is no conscious sadism in him.

The Leo man is too self-focused, egocentric, and egoistic to love on an absolute scale. But he will do anything to give a pleasant life to the woman he chooses, who will give him children and will provide a sufficiently emotional relationship. His loyalty is uncertain.

It must be said: love is an area where the Leo man does not always feel very comfortable. The true love does require selflessness, understanding, altruism, and to care for the other. These are behaviors the Leo man doesn’t adopt naturally. That is probably why the proud Leo is afraid of love, too accustomed he is to drape in a particular dress: the robe of the wise or commander.

Of course, as a Leo, your man is doing everything to be loved. When love is sincere, he is capable of the greatest generosity, sincerity and efforts. That’s because he needs to feel that the other sees him as a unique, exceptional, and irreplaceable partner. In other words, when in love, the Leo man sees in the relationship as an opportunity for him to love and admire himself through his partner’s eyes. Actually, he loves himself more than he loves his partner. If you want to keep your Leo man with you, you’ll have to tolerate his nature. It must be said that it is difficult for the Leo man to adapt to others in general and to one being in particular. It is therefore important that his partner shows enough flexibility and patience to accommodate with his strong personality. In addition, any actor needs an audience… And who else could be the perfect spectator if it’s not the person sharing his existence?

The emotional needs of the Leo man are important, even if the role of sexuality can vary from one Leo to another – excessive for some, or tightly controlled for the others. The Leo man sometimes feels injured and humiliated by the influence a woman has on them. And then, they can adopt a contemptuous attitude towards her, as if he was trying to be set free from his own feelings which he considers enslaving and strapping.

To recap: in love, the Leo man shows a royal generosity and intensity, but he requires full admiration from his partner. In return, he likes to protect her. Passions play a key role in his love destiny. They can be strong and durable, although he always tends to question them and put them to the test. Possessive and controlling, the Leo man prefers to reject a woman he cannot dominate. His love life would be more harmonious if he could show more understanding of others. Ambition or interests often mingle with his love stories, but it would be incorrect to believe that the Leo man lacks of romance.

My advices to seduce, date, and keep the Leo man

It makes no doubt that you deeply admire the winner who accumulates success in all areas. And this admiration that he constantly and skillfully feeds is your best ally to bear this taste for authority which, at times, makes him downright tyrannical.

However, do not believe that your hero is invulnerable. The slightest failure is such an affront to his self-esteem that he simply cannot handle failure. Even if he tries by all means to save face, especially in front of his close entourage, any single breakdown shakes him heavily. It is in these moments that you can take advantage of the situation and show that you are indispensable. Try to be diplomatic because he might rapidly feel offended if your encouragements are not sincere! This attitude will help you keep the love of your Leo man.

At times, your Leo man doubts himself and has a great need of your support. Be there to comfort him when he feels down. Anyway, to him, the primary concern is to know that you are his ally and not his rival or enemy.

Very exclusive, the Leo man spits fire if you make the mistake to provoke his jealousy. He wants to be and to remain the center of the world, full stop!