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The Gemini woman love personality

Learn how to attract and keep with you the Gemini woman you love

General love traits of the Gemini woman

In society, the Gemini woman is charming, loquacious, and has an extraordinary gift for repartee. But in love, she feels much less comfortable. Her duality literally terrifies one part of her personality about the idea of a commitment, while the other part of her aspires to meet someone able to initiate her to emotional intensity. In her sentimental relations, the Gemini woman likes to behave like a perpetual adolescent. And so, she attracts persons who want to protect her, even to be like her second “father”, and to place her in a situation of emotional dependence.

The Gemini woman quickly gets tired with partners who don’t know how to magnetize her natural curiosity. She needs an intellectual exchange as much as - if not more – a sentimental and sensual exchange. Her penchant for novelty and surprises encourages her to live with insouciance. She definitely like this lifestyle for stability will put an end to this delightful state of uncertainty where everything is possible. Moreover, she likes to feel available for new experiences. This means that she is rather fickle in love and indifferent to the pain she can cause to others. In short, the Gemini woman is a like free bird, so she hates to feel trapped in jail.

She does not have a high sense of fidelity and allows her partner to have affairs too - but only if she is sure that he will always return to her. This ambiguity sometimes makes things complicated. In any case, volatility is inherent in the Gemini woman’s emotional life.Generally, the Gemini woman is more favorable to relationships between loving friends rather than passionate love stories. She asks her partners gaiety, strong connections, and variety. She is not jealous or possessive, and her displays of affection are not very demonstrative.

When she acquires a certain degree of maturity, the Gemini woman becomes interested in a "marriage of friends" with a man she esteems. He will find in her a valuable adviser, intelligent, lucid, very intuitive. But she will ask him neither to annoy her too often with "sex things" nor to ask her for large displays of affection.

My advices to seduce, date, and keep the Gemini woman

Exchanges and communication are the priorities of the Gemini woman. She absolutely needs dialogue, and a relationship with her will resist all the storms if you know how to remain her privileged interlocutor. All the more, the Gemini woman is hostile to taboos and does not hesitate to discuss the most intimate or most controversial matters. By promoting freedom of speech, you strengthen your bonds and complicity with her. Freedom! The big word is said! Don’t ever try to lock her up in a cage, may it be a golden jail, or you will lose her for sure.

Also, you must know that the Gemini woman is the world champion of flirt. But the actual conquest of a man interests her much less than merely please. It’s a way for her to evaluate her seduction potential. This aspect of her character may experience periodic surges, so you must be always ready to show patience and understanding. Instead of exploding in anger when you see the woman of your life put on airs and graces just under your eyes, show indulgence, and remember that her home and family is her main interest. Otherwise, your marriage will reel through unsolvable crisis.