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The Gemini man love personality

Learn how to attract and keep with you the Gemini man you love

General love traits of the Gemini man

The Gemini man is generally not an easy-going person and life with him can sometimes be difficult. The Gemini man may be cold and calculating, and he won’t let himself drawn into great passions. Of course, love is important for him, but due to his temperament, his attraction for women is more intellectual. In his relational life, frequent disputes may occur because the Gemini man likes to have an answer to all questions, and sometimes his partners would like him to be less pedantic, know-it-all, and more discreet and humble. Though, he knows enough about his own personality and realizes quickly when the situation isn’t favorable. Then he will try to turn it in his favor.

The Gemini man improves and become more mature from the fifties. This period is important in his life: he will make happy the woman he loves, his quiet attention is regarded as a great treatment for her, and he even tends to disappear. The Gemini man has the intelligence to adapt and to apprehend life philosophically. This change of the Gemini man’s nature will be extremely beneficial. The sense of family follows the same path: friends play a major role when he is young, but with years passing on, a good family-life becomes his primary concern.

The Gemini man likes to brag about the women he conquered and with him, you can expect much talk about his infidelities - past, present and future. But he speaks more than he does. As a responsible and cerebral person, he is not governed by his sexuality and controls it very well.

Yet, behind this apparent cynicism lurks a real tenderness. And this is not a faked one! The Gemini man is neither jealous nor possessive, and finds it outrageous to pretend to keep a woman for him alone. In a perverse way, he even pushes her to have lovers, provided that she tells him about her adventures and experiences and that he is always certain of being the "best" in the eyes of his lover. That’s how the Gemini man shows off his competitive nature in the area of love!

When he acquired a certain degree of maturity, the Gemini man becomes interested in a "marriage of friends" with a woman he esteems. She will find in him a valuable adviser, intelligent, lucid, very intuitive. But he will ask her neither to annoy him too often with "sex things" nor to ask him for large displays of affection. He likes to conduct his love life his own way, with charm and bluntness, and is convinced that the most important things don’t need to be said.

The Gemini man would easily accept divorce, adapting to celibacy as to a new partner, and believing that children can understand adult matters if they are provided with a sincere explanation. The Gemini man is a good father as he respects his children’s personality and does not overprotect them.

My advices to seduce, date, and keep the Gemini man

Exchanges and communication are the priorities of the Gemini man. He absolutely needs dialogue, and a relationship with him will resist all the storms if you know how to remain his privileged interlocutress. All the more, the Gemini man is hostile to taboos and does not hesitate to discuss the most intimate or most controversial matters. By promoting freedom of speech, you strengthen your bonds and complicity with him. Freedom! That is the big word released. Don’t ever try to lock him up in a cage, may it be a golden jail, or you will lose him for sure.

Also, you must know that the Gemini man is the world champion of flirt. But the actual conquest of a woman interests him much less than merely please. It’s a way for him to evaluate his seduction potential. This aspect of his character may experience periodic surges, so you must be always ready to show patience and understanding. Instead of exploding in anger when you see the man of your life put on airs and graces just under your eyes, show indulgence, and remember that his home and family is his main interest. Otherwise, your marriage will reel through crisis.