The Capricorn woman love personality

Learn how to attract and keep with you the Capricorn woman you love

General love traits of the Capricorn woman

As far as love is concerned, the Capricorn woman is more cerebral than emotional. When in a relationship, it is often difficult for her to abandon herself completely, as she tends to analyze her impulses and for she has that feeling pushing her to be afraid of being cheated. The Capricorn woman needs to find joy and security at home to feel good - because she often feels uncomfortable in society.

Her feelings and emotions are quite slow to awaken but once she loves, they become strong and deep with time. The Capricorn woman has a pretty strange taste for suffering and/or for causing pain to her lovers, which might damage her sentimental relationships. So, she’d better share her life with a very comprehensive man who will know how to handle her.

Emotional loneliness doesn’t scare the Capricorn woman. She can very well live with it and sometimes she even research solitude. It is true that through her eyes, few people are worth of affection for she is very demanding and searches absolute love. In addition, it’s very hard for this zodiac sign to trust and to ensure that she is not mistaken! The Capricorn woman is even more afraid to commit because it is her true temperament to be very loyal and she dislikes change. She knows that once she says “yes”, she does not step back, and if she breaks up, it is not without much effort and suffering. And then, the Capricorn woman needs strong, solid, and stable relationships: she likes the habits that she finds reassuring.

A Capricorn woman rarely shows off her feelings. Her partner better know once and for all that he is loved because love is a feeling she hides very well! On the other hand, the Capricorn woman needs a lot of affection and tenderness. Two personalities coexist within a Capricorn woman: one is rather detached, sexually physical and carnal, very demanding, but this first person won’t surrender easily to love. The other character of the Capricorn woman is more sentimental, caring, and once she dropped her defenses, she becomes affectionate, vigilant and present, but always with a bit of modesty and reserve.

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My advices to seduce, date, and keep the Capricorn woman

It is always hard to guess how a Capricorn woman can respond to your advances and seducing enterprise. Sometimes she is ready for all kinds of adventures, but at other times, she only wants loyalty and reliability. When in doubt, adopt a neutral attitude: do not push her too much, demonstrate your affection but more as a friend, and once she feels reassured with you, try your luck without seeming to hesitate.

Please note that the Capricorn woman has a priority in life: her career. Even on vacation, she manages to work! Do not criticize this trait of her personality or she will probably categorize you as a fool who will never succeed in life. And so, there will be no chances for her to fall in love with you.

Try to offer your Capricorn woman an entertainment that really changes her ideas: a hike in nature or a mini-cruise will definitely delight and inspire her!Faithful, serious, reliable, the Capricorn woman you love has moral and very strict principles, and in return, she wants to find similar qualities in her lover. Indeed she aspires to build a long lasting relationship that can withstand the test of time. She also wants to have a strong companion, able to support her and cope with her the hardships of life. Otherwise, her partner could not be trusted, much less admired, and she would therefore be unable to love him.

In short, do not be fickle with her, and do not advise to escape from your responsibilities - or you will certainly lose her! Of course, the Capricorn woman is so attached to her habits that she probably will be reluctant to break up with you. But a wall of silence and misunderstanding will rise between you and her.

Sometimes, the Capricorn woman may be subject to contradictory planetary influences which can undermine her self-confidence. If you manage to support her at these times, to avoid situations that increase anxiety, to reassure her while creating an atmosphere of well-being in your relationship, you can be sure that her feelings for you will then become stronger than ever!


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