Compatibility between Capricorn and Pisces

Find out how the Capricorn and Pisces Zodiac Signs match together

A Pisces and a Capricorn will have more differences than similarities. If worked out to their advantage this can be complementing to each other. A Capricorn with his or her practical approach will come across as a complete opposite to a Pisces who is more a dreamer than a practical person. But in all these differences lie a possibility of a beautiful love match that can last long and be strong.

Capricorns are very organized and they do not like when things are not planned and are chaotic. While the Pisces zodiac sign does not really care much about structure or planning, the Capricorn does. This difference may have to be worked out by both the partners as it will form the roots of many problems that might follow. The Pisces zodiac sign has to teach his Capricorn lover to be more sensitive while the Goat has to teach the Pisces to be more organized. Pisces are susceptible and will help the Capricorns shed their inhibitions and let their feelings come out.

Capricorn Woman and Pisces Man

A Capricorn man and a Pisces woman are capable of commitment in the long run. The overbearing and fierce nature of a Capricorn man will perfectly comprehend the soft nature of the Pisces woman. In turn, the Capricorn man will offer the security that Pisces is looking for. The Pisces woman will perfectly play the part of a loving, helpful wife while the Capricorn man provides security and comfort to the family. If the two of them maintain a sense of balance and understanding in the relationship and if they are able to analyze the other person’s strength and flaws, the love match between the Pisces woman and the Capricorn man will be happy and cheerful.

Capricorn Man and Pisces Woman

When a Pisces man and a Capricorn woman come together, they can keep it going for a very long time. The passionate side of the Pisces man and the sensitivity of the Capricorn woman will perfectly complement each other. With the undying love that the Pisces man shows for his lover, the Capricorn woman will be pleased and will feel secure in this warm relationship. And the Capricorn woman will be happy with the way the Pisces man treats her. The Capricorn woman is not very expressive or showy of her love feelings and with the right push from the Pisces man, she can shed her inhibitions and get more expressive. In the long run, this zodiac love match is set to be a success.


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