Compatibility between Capricorn and Leo

Find out how the Capricorn and Leo Zodiac Signs match together

The two sun signs are diametrically opposite to each other and they will find it very difficult to get along with each other in the long run. Their tastes are very different and this will cause a lot of friction between people belonging to these zodiac signs when they come together. The Leo sign is vulnerable, can form extremely emotional bonds with people and is capable of blind faith whereas the Capricorn is detached and prefers to keep people at a safe distance. Their dissimilarity extends even to the finances, as the two signs deal with money differently.

The Capricorn is a saver and always prefers to be prepared for rainy days whereas the Leo sign is a complete spendthrift. The concept of saving for the future never occurs to a Leo who spends to his heart’s content at his whims and fancies. Though there are many differences in this love match, some positive elements can also be found. Like commitment and belief. Both the partners believe in long-term relationships and this aspect will work greatly to their advantage.

Capricorn Woman and Leo Man

A Leo man and a Capricorn woman staying together in a relationship is the cause for a lot of fireworks, and it is not necessarily the right way. It needs immense amount of patience and the right attitude to get things right with this couple. The Leo man is very demanding and he constantly needs attention which the Capricorn woman may not be able to provide. The Leo man, being the king lion, is very ferocious and this may not fit too well with the usually soft Capricorn woman. After all, he is a lion and he naturally tends to dominate. The relationship between the Capricorn woman and the Leo man will be very vibrant and there will always be some constant activity in it, whether good or bad.

Capricorn Man and Leo Woman

Leo women are the life of every party they go to. Socializing, having fun and meeting new people comes naturally to them. However, a Capricorn man may not make as many friends as easily as a Leo woman does and sometimes their eccentricities may come in the way of their relationship. While the Capricorn man is always the conservative type, the Leo woman is constantly up to something new and breaking many rules. But Capricorn men have a certain strength of grit, determination and capability that strongly attracts the Leo woman and if worked hard, their relationship will be a beautiful horoscope love match.


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