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The Capricorn man love personality

Learn how to attract and keep with you the Capricorn man you love

General love traits of the Capricorn man

The Capricorn man is suspicious. He is afraid of being hurt, to suffer and to be abandoned. So he advances towards love carefully, his soul apprehensive. As he is also a moralist, the Capricorn man gives others the impression that he judges them - which is not quite true - but he notices rapidly their weaknesses and bad sides.

This often installs him in celibacy. It can take a long time before he eventually decides to trust someone and to ensure that he is not mistaken! He is even more afraid of commitment for he has a faithful temperament and does not like big changes. He knows that once he said yes, he will not step back, and if he does, it is not without much effort and suffering. Also, the Capricorn man has a strong taste for habits, which are reassuring for him.

The Capricorn man often has difficulties to externalize his feelings. The other has to know once and for all that she is loved because he won’t necessarily tell her every day! But on the other hand, he needs affection. Two characters coexist in him. One is rather detached, which satisfies his very demanding physical and sensual part. The other trait of his personality is more feminine: he demands and gives much tenderness and, once his last defenses fallen, he is infinitely affectionate, vigilant and present, always with a little modesty.

The Capricorn man must be wary of his memory and his commitment to his recollections. He must also understand that happiness and emotional satisfaction are possible only if he learns to open himself to the others and lets his strong ego apart.

The problem of the sentimental Capricorn man is that emotional maturity is usually much later than his psychological and intellectual maturity. In other words, he is the perfect late husband!

My advices to seduce, date, and keep the Capricorn man

True, serious, reliable, the Capricorn man you love has moral principles and is very strict, and he wants to discern similar values from his lover. Indeed, he aspires to build a long-lasting relationship that can withstand the test of time.

Hence, the Capricorn man wants a stable partner, ready to help him to face the hardships of life. Otherwise he could neither trust her, nor admire her, and would therefore be unable to love her. In other words, do not show him your inconsistency and do not try to escape your responsibilities or you will most likely lose him!

Of course, he is so attached to his habits that the Capricorn man may be reluctant to break up eternally. But an impenetrable wall of silence and misunderstanding will then rise between the both of you.

Sometimes, the Capricorn man is subject to contradictory planetary influences, which can undermine his self-confidence. So you should, when these periods of doubts occur, avoid situations increasing his anxiety, while creating around him an atmosphere of well-being. Then, he will not scream out of the window how much he loves you, but you can be sure he will prove it!