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The Cancer woman love personality

Learn how to attract and keep with you the Cancer woman you love

General love traits of the Cancer woman

Having a thin-skinned sentimentality, the Cancer woman can let circumstances drive her love life. She is very receptive to those she loves, thus they exert a great influence - good or bad - on her fate. You can easily make suffer a Cancer woman because she is hypersensitive, but whatever her pain is, she accepts it silently and with resignation.

Generally, the Cancer woman strongly feels the need to find a partner with a heart big enough to give her the generous love she dreams about. She needs the loved one to bring her tenderness and affection, and she is ready to give it back. Her primary dream is a marriage of love, and she aspires to find a responsible man able to give her life a stable basis.

Many natives of the Cancer zodiac sign find happiness in a relationship marked by stability and complicity. And so she can completely open her heart and offer her partners large displays of affection and kindness. Moreover, a happy Cancer woman always tries to imagine how to enhance the relationship.

Astrologers often blame Cancer women for preferring quantity over quality, but it must be said in her defense that she naturally attracts many men. However, this does not mean that she is always fickle and unfaithful. She is also accused of being capable to create extravagant disputes, to engage the relationship on the unbearable field of emotional blackmail, and to adopt childish attitudes.

But, full of tenderness, affection and romance, the Cancer woman gives herself without reservation to the man she loves. If the relationships completely fulfill her, she will act with sincerity, innocence and passion. In return, she has a huge need of love, which must be clearly demonstrated. With her partner, the Cancer woman is full of tact, sensitivity and thoughtfulness. But she can also be possessive and jealous.

To satisfy her vital need for emotional security, and because she deeply likes to feel tenderness and love at home, the Cancer woman truly hates celibacy and tend to marry very young. If circumstances require her to live single, she can feel extremely unhappy.

My advices to seduce, date, and keep the Cancer woman

Emotional and tender, the Cancer woman you love has an extreme sensitivity. Therefore, she is obliged to find ways to protect herself from the outside world’s attacks that hurt her so much, even if she tries to hide it. That is why she is so attached to her family, her home, which are for her the most comfortable refuges.

Indeed, she who is discreet in her profession might be very different at home. If she feels that you are responsible enough to take the important decisions, she will show the same discretion. But if you do wrong, her perfectionist nature and personality leads her to hold the reins. In that case, do not try to challenge her authority.

Note that the Cancer woman often shows great anxiety and constantly needs to be reassured. As she fears more than anything to be abandoned by her partner, she will like to hear you repeat tirelessly, day after day, that you love her. Do not deprive her from these reassuring repetitions!

Keep the most attentive care to each other as much as possible, especially during periods when her latent anxiety intensifies. Show her your unreserved commitment. When she feels stability, the Cancer woman fully open out and will offer you all the treasures of love and tenderness she has deep inside of her.