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The Cancer man love personality

Learn how to attract and keep with you the Cancer man you love

General love traits of the Cancer man

When the attachment to the Cancer’s man mother is too strong, he can hardly pull it up and can show homosexual tendencies. But as his cosmological element act quite strongly, it is more likely that his sensuality leads him to a woman’s bed, whether or not he finds in her the image of his mother. Generally, when the Cancer man has not found his maturity in fatherhood, he will seek "girls", younger than him, for whom he will be a highly incestuous father. These women will also reach sexual ecstasy with this perfect and tireless lover he is.

We could blame the Cancer man for preferring quantity to quality, but it must be said to defend him that he likes women a lot, respect them, and understands them better than any other man, as if the Cancer man was himself mentally feminine. It guesses the woman receives its desires, leads in a fantasy universe and wonderful. But that does not mean that he is always fickle and unfaithful.

The Cancer man is also “accused” by astrologers of being capable of creating extravagant quarrels, to engage the relationship in and unbearable emotional blackmail, and to complacent in childish games between the executioner and the victim. Don’t be surprised if you find your Cancer men suckling pretty often.

Unless exceptional circumstances, the Cancer man simply wants to marry a nice woman, who will become the mother of his children, will accept his little manias and who will more or less wear the trousers. The Cancer man is like a second mother to his children. His maternal nature will make him play with them and understand them. He will be very attentive to the education of his children, whom he tries to instill moral principles to which he is very committed. For him, a woman, a house, children, a pipe and slippers are the perfect equation. And if he dreams of long and exciting travels, perhaps he will never leave his “home-sweet-home”! To make it short, family has a considerable importance for the Cancer man: he needs this strong sentimental and emotional attachment to comfort his balance.

Full of tenderness, affection and romance, the Cancer man gives himself without hesitation, with sincerity, innocence and passion when in love. But in return he has a huge need love, which must be clearly demonstrated by his partner. He will be full of tact, discretion and thoughtfulness with his lover. But he can be also very possessive and jealous.

My advices to seduce, date, and keep the Cancer man

Emotional and tender, the Cancer man you love has an extreme sensitivity. Therefore, he is obliged to find ways to protect himself from the outside world’s attacks that hurt him so much, even if he tries to hide it. That is why he is so attached to his family, his home, which are for him the most comfortable refuges.

Indeed, he who is discreet in his profession might be very different at home. If he feels that you are responsible enough to take the important decisions, he will show the same discretion. But if you do wrong, his perfectionist nature and personality leads him to hold the reins. In that case, do not try to challenge his authority.

Note that the Cancer man often shows great anxiety and constantly needs to be reassured. As he fears more than anything to be abandoned by his partner, he will like to hear you repeat tirelessly, day after day, that you love him. Do not deprive him from these reassuring repetitions!

Keep the most attentive care to each other as much as possible, especially during periods when his latent anxiety intensifies. Show him your unreserved commitment. When he feels stability, the Cancer man fully open out and will offer you all the treasures of love and tenderness he has deep inside of him.